Sunday, December 4, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 45 Weeks- 12.4.2016

Anna had a somewhat rough week. Her missing tooth on the top broke through and she seems to have a slight cold, so I'm thinking that's the reason for her waking up in the middle of the night and not wanting to go back to sleep. I am a firm believer in letting them cry it out, Anna however is I think my most stubborn child and it doesn't work on her. :( But thankfully after crying for 30 minutes she's quite worn out so when I do pick her up and sit with her she falls asleep pretty fast. I'm hoping that now that the tooth has broken through she will go back to her good sleeping. Being awake for an hour and a half throughout the night has made her sleep late in the mornings so she's had a couple of mornings that she doesn't need a morning nap. Not sure how I feel about that, in some ways it's nice, in some it's not :). Again, hopefully she'll start sleeping better again at night and then we'll see how much morning naps are needed. Other than that she's had a fairly good week. She really does play well on her own which is nice. Still no interest in standing on her own or walking which is fine by me. Although Steve did say she stood up on her own for a second at one point this week. She must not have been impressed because she hasn't tried it again. :)
We decorated our house for Christmas. This sign used to be my Grandma's and I got to her house first when she was getting rid of all her decorations and took it for my family :). We had it at our house in Michigan and now it's displayed here in Montana, so fun!!

For Pastor Appreciation Month our church gave us a gift certificate to a place with indoor pools so while Steve's parents were here we went

The boys absolutely LOVED it! Here's David jumping in

I think they would have stayed in there all night if we let them

Jonathan's jump

Micah's jump (they all jump in differently :))

Hanging out watching the boys swim

Micah got this floor puzzle of the United States for Christmas from Steve's parents. He's very excited to be able to do it all by himself

All put together. Of course since it's on the floor and he has a 10 month old sister crawling around, it doesn't get to stay out very long :)

We had a fun Thanksgiving weekend, but it was pretty busy, so Wednesday we stayed home all day and just enjoyed some quiet (well, as quiet as you can get with three small kids :))

Hanging out with my three littles (Micah was at school)

Anna had to get her flu shot booster, it's nice when they have no idea what's coming :) She actually did fine, just cried a second and then never complained again.

After her shot we had to go to the mall for me to return something. The twins wanted to ride this ride but I only had one quarter, so they had to ride it together, good thing they don't have personal space issues
Micah got to go to the eye doctor. It's completely covered by his insurance and since his mom and dad both have bad eyes, I figured it didn't hurt now that he's in school to just make sure his eyes are okay.

And they were perfect!

These poor little guys came down with a fever on Friday.

They wanted to watch a movie downstairs so I got out the air mattresses and sleeping bags and made it all cozy for them. Anna wanted to join in too :)

So fun to start getting Christmas cards and put them up on the wall!!

They got their Christmas pajamas from Grandma early so they can enjoy them more than just on Christmas!!

Steve and Micah went to a school basketball game last night so while the twins played with Micah's Legos :) I watched my Alma Mater Dordt College's volleyball team play for the national championship on ESPN3. Although they ended up losing it was really fun to get to watch them!

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