Sunday, December 18, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 47 Weeks- 12.18.16

She preferred to stand :)

As you can see Anna has quite the personality :). I personally think it's just the cutest personality. She really is a lot of fun. She had a few nights where she thought she needed to hang out with mommy in the middle of it, but after a night of letting her cry it out she's back to sleeping through the night. Otherwise nothing new over here. 
Micah was Adam in his Sunday School program last Sunday night. I think he makes a very cute Adam :). He was pretty excited about it and did a great job (All he had to do was stand there and smile :)).

This girl has some crazy hair, especially when she pulls out her hair tie

Me with my four sweeties!! I love being their mommy!!

She's starting to understand how toys work and enjoys playing with them

Micah has to be read to 20 minutes 5 days a week, so this is a very common sight in our house (it often times gets done while I'm doing the dishes after dinner)

David decided he wanted to be Super David so he asked me to tie his blanket around him to be his cape :)

So of course then we also had to have Super Jonathan

And what do super heros do? They jump! :)

Watching Daddy shovel the walkway. This happened a lot this week. We got quite a bit of snow which made the boys in this household very excited. Of course the temperatures dropped to -27 which made them not so excited because all they wanted to do was go play in all that snow :)

Jonathan loves that the window gets fogged over and he can "draw" on it. His mother is not such a fan :)

Micah was very proud of his tortilla snowflake

The boys got to ride in the tractors that were plowing the church parking lot (there were two tractors going at once). There was a lot of horn honking being heard when they were in the cab :)

We had some friends from church over to decorate Christmas cookies

Not many cookies were taken home as most of the kids just ate them as soon as they decorated them (or just licked the frosting off :))

Anna and Daddy are big buds

Micah was very proud of his Christmas cookies he decorated all by himself (the one on the top right is decorated like his friend Iris :))

Just a little snow (it's also -27 degrees here)

This girl has the best ears, as soon as you open the dishwasher she is over there, and if you're not watching her, she will then climb on top. And you can see she is very sorry about it :)
I hope you all have a wonderful week leading up to Christmas Day!!

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