Monday, February 13, 2017

Life with the Bussis'- 2.13.17

It was a pretty rough week around here. We did find out Tuesday morning that David did not break his foot, so that was a blessing (the thought of having a 4 year old boy in a cast was a bit overwhelming). He's still walking on the heal of his foot but I don't know if that's because it still hurts or he's just used to that now or he's afraid it will hurt. If he's still walking like that in a few days the doctor wants us to come back in. Then Tuesday night I had a horrible night of sleep and my head hurt so bad from being stuffed up. The rest of the week I was pretty much down and out with a horrible sinus infection. I don't have a doctor here, so I couldn't just call them up to ask for something. Finally Friday I couldn't take it any more, I called Steve at work crying asking if he could come home so I could go to Urgent Care. :) Thankfully he could and I got some antibiotics along with a slue of other things to take and have started to feel better. But it's just not good when Mom is sick and can't do much. The boys watched a lot of tv last week and played a lot of Mario Kart :), but they will survive. Thankfully it seems everyone else in the house avoided this and hopefully we'll soon experience a healthy household! So because of all that, I really don't have a lot of pictures.
Although the big news in our house this past week is Anna is now a walker!!
She must have decided this walking thing wasn't so bad. :) If she needs to get somewhere in a hurry she'll crawl, but otherwise she pretty much walks everywhere. No running yet, thankfully :).

Getting steady on her feet

Micah made me this sweet card (although if I'm really as big as he drew me it's a good thing I started a 21 day challenge today :))

Steve had some Christmas money to spend, so he got some cross-country skis and has enjoyed getting some exercise skiing in the field behind our house

Not so sure about that brother :)

She's gotten really good at putting the coins in the pig

And she's always very proud of herself :)

Anna helping Mommy feel better by snuggling with me

Micah had a Valentine's party at school today (he doesn't have school on Tuesdays) and I hadn't gotten any Valentines for him to give his classmates and since I didn't feel like going out, it just seemed easier to make cookies :) So here he is cutting out the heart cookies

We usually go out to eat once a week but I didn't feel like it on Friday night and Steve was going to a basketball game on Saturday night, so we went out to lunch on Saturday. The boys love going to Firehouse Subs where they get a fire helmet

Anna got to get in on the grilled cheese sandwich

When we got home Micah got to frost the cookies

Anna got a package from a lady from our church in Michigan who was very close to our family and the lady made her this adorable sweater and gave her the cutest rain boots!! Have I ever said that girls are so much fun!! :) (Boy are too, just not so much when it comes to clothes :))

Looking snazzy for church

I bought this dress for Anna to take her 1 year pictures in, which of course I haven't gotten to, but since it's Valentine's Day this week I thought it'd be fun to have her wear it to church. She looked so cute!!

Our little pink princess!

There was a potluck after church and Steve and Micah stayed for it. So I was sitting at the table at home and saw Micah outside playing with a friend. It was kind of nice to see him playing with a boy, usually at church he's surrounded by girls :)

Writing out his Valentines for his classmates. Thankfully he only has 15 kids in his class, that was a lot of names to write out :)

Look what Anna discovered!

Ever since we moved here I have had a bottle rack on our counter. Today I threw away all the bottles and put away the bottle rack, what to do with space now :)

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