Monday, February 6, 2017

Life with the Bussis'- 2.6.17

It's been quite a week over here. My dad was suppose to join my mom here last Saturday but unfortunately wasn't able to come due to work problems. The boys (and me :)) were pretty disappointed but still had a fun couple of days with my mom.
Anna was a big fan of the fact that Grandma let her play with her phone (something Mommy does not let her do). And of course you need one hand on the phone and one hand in a glove, ready to punch anyone who tries to take her phone away :)

Decked out in the cute outfit Auntie Tracie got her for her birthday.

This is how she thought she should accessorize her outfit :)

Daddy is just so much fun!!

We went to Fuddruckers on Monday night (Anna had a free kid's meal :)). Grandma even got in on the gaming fun!

Obviously she did not eat her kids meal (I did :), it's the perfect size hamburger!)

We made it back home after taking Mom to the airport in a snow storm! :) And yes, Anna is in her pajamas, I decided if we ended up in a ditch this way she would stay warm :)

We decided since it was snowing like crazy outside, it was a good morning to make some cookies!

Anna got a new bath toy for her birthday (it was a big hit with her brothers)

We've spent quite a bit of time playing Mario Kart (due to all the snow and cold outside :))

Anna LOVES her riding toy!

She also loves her smoothies for breakfast. So Anna started having goopy eyes on Thursday. At first I thought it was allergies (I was having allergies, go figure in freezing snowy weather!) and it improved a little with allergy medicine, but I decided to take her in to the doctor on Friday and discovered it was a virus in her eyes. So we've been having to give her eye drops 4 times a day which she is actually pretty good about getting.
Anna has been working on her walking. She can take quite a few steps but always ends up back to crawling :)

Now doesn't this just look like trouble!?

Pretty much! :)

Now she's not trouble

They really are fun to get to hang out with

We all went to a basketball game on Saturday night. It was the C squad so it was in the small gym and not such a big crowd so we didn't have to worry as much about the twins being a pain :)

Since it was a small crowd they were able to do this:
They did this over and over again, they were sweaty by the end. :) But they slept great!

Reading some music

It was good to see her smile after having kind of a crummy day with her eyes (and she also had a terrible diaper rash)

Now she's accessorizing her pajamas :)

We went to our neighbors' for their son's one year birthday party (he and Anna are just 10 days apart) and Micah and Iris decided they wanted to be the super heros at the party :)

And then yesterday Jonathan decided to push David off the footrest and David landed funny and hasn't walked since, so I took him to the doctor today (they're starting to recognize me there).

After checking out his foot the doctor sent us to the hospital to get x-rays. I have to say, David did sooo well! He had to hold his foot still in funny positions and he did such a great job! He was very fascinated that they were taking pictures of his foot.

Back at the doctor's office after x-rays

The doctor showing David his x-rays. The doctor didn't see anything and figures it's just sore tendons that should heal up soon.
And then I got a phone call a few minutes ago from the doctor saying he had sent the x-rays to radiology just to have them take a look and they think they might see a slight fracture in on of the bones on top :(. So they have now sent the x-rays to an orthopedic specialist to have him take a look, but he's in surgery right now so we won't hear back from him until tomorrow. In the mean time David has started walking on it because I told him it's not hurt and the doctor said he could walk on it. :) The doctor said if it is broke they don't always do anything about it because it is so slight, but we will see.

Since he was such a good boy through it all I took him out to lunch at Arby's. It was not the circumstances I would have wanted, but it actually was kind of fun just getting to spend a morning with David. He was absolutely loving getting all the attention and was quite the character with the doctor and x-ray tech.
So we will wait and see what they see tomorrow.

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