Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Life with the Bussis'- 3.28.17

Let's just jump right into pictures:
This little cutie loves "taking care" of her dolly

It's just so cute!

Haircut time! Anna got to join in on the fun (of watching a show while the boys got a haircut, she's not quite ready for one). She got to just chill in her chair and drink her smoothie
Her hair is long enough that that I got it into little pigtails, so cute!! Girls really are pretty fun!

David wanted in on a picture with Anna :) These two share a very special relationship :)

Girl in her pigtails at the park

Unfortunately she fell and her face too the brunt of it

Micah got to go to the school play with Mommy and Daddy, he felt pretty special

Anna getting a ride from David

The twins have been wanting to try riding their bikes without training wheels for a while so we finally let them try on Saturday.

David caught on really fast

And loves it! Steve said this is where his lack of fear come in handy, he just didn't even think about it, just took off and didn't look back. Jonathan unfortunately is a little more scared and timid which are two things that don't go well with riding a bike without training wheels.
After a few times David was a pro (and shared that fact with Jonathan :))

Anna enjoyed going out to eat at Pizza Hut

She was a mess, but very happy

Fun times!

You know you had a very busy Sunday morning before church when you come home and find broccoli in your drawer :)

Jonathan attempting to ride his bike again on Sunday. His biggest problem is he doesn't want any help. He can actually ride it fine once he gets going, but he refuses help because "David does it all by himself!" David is our no fear kid, Jonathan is our super competitive kid :) so if David can do something by himself, he should be able to too.

Unfortunately he really isn't able to do it all by himself, something that brought him great frustration to the point where he had to stop trying and walk circles in the grass to pump himself up to try again. :)
Hours later he did finally let me help him get started, and then we discovered something else he needs to learn, how to stop :) (yes that is me laughing at the end as of the video as Jonathan runs into the mailbox :))

Once again taking good care of her dolly

It's so fun to see the differences between boys and girls :)

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