Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Life with the Bussis'- 3.14.17

So this is really late (I do try to do my blogs on Monday now), but it's Spring Break for Micah (and Jonathan has declared Spring Break is the best! :)) so we've been doing some fun things, gone bowling, had friends over to ride bikes and have a picnic that unfortunately ended up indoors because it wasn't super nice outside. So life is pretty good over here. I think we are all finally healthy which is wonderful!!

We had our last Coffee Break for the year :( so I made thank you treats for the Little Lambs and nursery helpers. Those ladies are so amazing!

I woke up Tuesday morning and checked the rankings for the three week challenge I had completed to find this, I WON!!! So fun! And really nice to get a prize so I can go buy new clothes since my old clothes are too big! I love TERRAFit!!

We had a brunch for our last Coffee Break and the Little Lambs came up and sang for us.

Jonathan really got into the singing

David was pretty much a pain in the butt till they got to do the song with the egg shaker which was all her wanted to do :) Oh David!

Micah got a book from the school library that shows you step by step how to draw cars. He did pretty good!

Anna got these adorable moccasins from a lady from church right after we had moved here. They are so cute!! 

I was picking out new glasses at Costco and the twins decided they wanted to try some on too. I actually think they look adorable :). They thought it was pretty cool. I'm thinking by the time they have to wear glasses (which I'm thinking is inevitable since both Steve and I wear contacts), they're probably not going to think it's so cool :)

What Jonathan really wanted to try on was these cool sunglasses

Went out to dinner Friday night, always a treat!

Steve went on from dinner to the high school boys' state basketball game. The boys and I decided since Daddy got to go to a basketball game, we should get to go for frozen yogurt. They were pretty excited that they each got to pick out what flavor and topping they wanted (although they were a bit disappointed that Mommy didn't let them do it themselves since you pay per ounce :))

Anna was a big fan of our decision

Hanging out by the last of the snow

It's so fun to get to play outside!

Anna joins right in

And then steals the ball :) Good thing we have three soccer balls

Teaching them young :)

My silly boys

Sunday afternoon David came up from their quiet time and just would not stop moving or jumping off of things. So finally I said "David, go get your shoes and sweatshirt on and go outside and run four times around the house!" Of course his brother had to join him and it quickly turned into a race (which David won, making Jonathan very upset). 
It obviously didn't do the trick, they're all still crazy!

Monday we went bowling. David thought it was fun to get the ball started down the ramp by pushing it with his stomach :)


Anna watching intently

He's my stinker, can you tell? :)


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