Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Life With the Bussis'- 3.6.17

We had a rough week this past week. Found out when I took Anna to the doctor last Monday afternoon that she had RSV. So we didn't do much or go anywhere most of the week. Thankfully her lungs were very clean and it never got into them. So she was tired and not super happy most of the week which is wearing, but thankfully she seems to be fully over it now! She also popped two teeth through last week (the next two on the bottom). She's still working on her bottom molars so she's not completely happy all the time. :) But we are so thankful she is doing better!!
I forgot that I was going to be putting a onesie on her and put her pants on first, but then I decided since I was putting oils on her chest every hour or two it really was just easier to keep her onesie unsnapped. Then she wanted a headband on. I think she looks like she belongs on those workout videos "Sweating to the Oldies" :)

She didn't always feel like eating (not sure if it was the RSV or the teething) but thankfully she always drank her smoothie! Love those smoothies!!

I hate her being sick, but I don't mind all the extra cuddles

Starting to get her spunk back

This was such a beautiful sight to see one morning!

This was so cute, she just climbed on the couch and snuggled right up to Jonathan :)

Doing some finger painting

And of course then all the paint got mixed together :) did you know mixing all the paint together makes the color brown? The twins were very impressed by this :)

We actually got all our homework and reading done before dinner and ate at a reasonable time one night, so we got to have a family game night. Sorry was the game of choice.

More snuggles, still not feeling 100%

Dinner out with these kids is always a trip :)

They actually all do really well!

This is what happens when you're trying to tell one kid to do something and get the other kid ready to go outside, you put David's sweatshirt on Anna :) David was standing right next to her going "Mom! Mom!" to which I very kindly :) said "What?!" to which he answered "you put my sweatshirt on Anna" :)

Trying out his roller skates on the parking lot.

I put the toddler seat back on the tricycle for Anna. Her face may not show it, but she was a fan :)

Her brothers were also fans of getting to push her

And thankfully they never knocked it over :)

Anna got to use her seat in the bath. I'm not sure who was more intrigued by it, Anna or her brother :)

Sunday morning she still wasn't fully back to herself. Mostly at that point she just needed a nap :)

Playing some Monopoly Junior with my little men

They're spoiled on Mondays because Micah is at school and Steve has the day off, so they get to have lots of fun :)

And I get to have fun too :). My afternoon fun, baking mini cupcakes for our Coffee Break brunch 

Yesterday was the end of a 3 week challenge I was doing (and the beginning of the 12 week challenge I'm doing :)). I was able to make some good progress. I hit the 40 pound mark of weight lost since last July!! And, I won the challenge!! As did my team!! Happy shopping for me!!

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