Friday, April 14, 2017

Life With Bussis'- 4.14.17

We've been having lots of fun over here. Before I get into our fun, some things I want to remember:
- Anna finally got her last molar in after weeks of it being up but not cut through!!
-David is such a funny kid! Some of my favorite things that have come out of his mouth this past week:
      -The other day he was talking about Anna and when she was born and he said "She didn't have a tag so we had to name her." We have a few Beanie Babies and they come with a name on a tag :) but Anna didn't come out with a tag with a name on it, so we had to give her a name. :)
      - His prayer the last couple of nights has been: "Dear God, thanks for a fun day, thanks that we got to watch the rockets shoot off at two places, Micah's school and Iris' house (they shot them off on the back field at church which I guess he considers part of Iris' house :)) and thanks that Jonathan has a plan for us to go to space. Amen." I'm not sure what this plan is, but David is very thankful for it, he keeps praying about it. :)
-Micah lost his first tooth!!:
He even pulled it out himself (which was good because the thought of me having to pull it out gave me the heebeegeebies). He was pretty excited that the tooth fairy left him a dollar under his pillow for it (I hear it wasn't what she was planning on giving him but all she had in change was 8 cents :), so he got a dollar).
-Jonathan learned how to start himself on his bike!!

And now to our fun (not that any of that other stuff wasn't fun :)):
Steve's parents came to visit

It was so nice out the afternoon they came so we spent lots of time outside

Anna just plopped herself down right next to Grandma while she washed dishes (and she volunteered to do that, I don't just put my guests to work :))

Hanging out with Grandpa

The next day wasn't so nice out so we went bowling


Jonathan thought it was pretty funny to sit on the air vent

He bowls with flair!

Anna wanted in on the fun
Lucky for her David got sick of it so he let her push the ball for him

And then we went to lunch at McDonalds

Bussis kids on the slide
Micah had a birthday party at Fuddruckers for a friend from school

So we all stayed and had some fun

My first month of making cupcakes for the people who bought my cupcake service for a year at the auction was for a 12 year old girl's birthday. So fun to get to do some girly decorations

Micah with his palm branches he got to wave while the Sunday School walked into church for Palm Sunday

My little buddy

Jonathan woke up one morning in the mood to build (it amazes me how they can wake up and just go go go, I am not that way :))
Rocket complete (maybe this is his plan for going to space :))

Anna wanted to be a construction worker
My neighbor was cleaning out their house and asked if Anna would like this adorable pink rocking horse. I think Anna approves :)
Bingo with Grandpa and Grandma
My pretty girl!
He was pretty impressed that he got them all in a tower without any falling over (of course immediately after this picture he knocked them over :)

The twins have gotten really good about being able to do puzzles by themselves

I really wanted to look for a new dress for Easter so I decided the only way that was going to get done was pulling out the stroller (which I was really glad hadn't sold when I put it on a facebook garage sale!)

Kept them all contained and entertained so Mommy could shop!!

And their reward for being so good, lunch at the mall!

I think she was tired by the end of the day, looked over and saw her just laying on the floor :)
Yesterday was beautiful! Jonathan was so excited to wear shorts and a t-shirt

Anna was pretty proud of herself for getting in and out of the car all by herself

Micah reading all of us his new library books

This boy (Jonathan) wasn't feeling the best the last couple of days. I found him sleeping on the couch last night before dinner :)

Remember how yesterday was beautiful and 70 degrees? Yep, this is what we woke up to this morning! Crazy Montana!!

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