Thursday, April 6, 2017

Life With the Bussis'- 4.6.17

So Jonathan came into our room at 4:45 this morning all upset. I had a hard time understanding what he was upset about but it seemed to be something about their clock. Steve went downstairs with them to check it out. From what Steve can tell, Jonathan was upset that his clock wasn't moving fast enough. :) So anyways, I was unable to fall back asleep after that, so of course then my mind starts wandering (or my mind starts wandering and therefore I can't fall back asleep :)) and one of the things I thought about was the fact that I forgot to do a blog yet this week! It's been pretty busy around here. I decided to make cupcakes for our school auction (four different kinds :)) and then Anna and I flew to California for my grandma's 92nd birthday this past weekend. And then when we got back I had to help do a dinner for a school that was on tour in our town and we hosted two girls for two nights. So yeah, it's been busy, but lots of fun!

I just love her pigtails!!

This was so cute, they all wanted to be on the couch together
Anna wanted to join them

When your daughter isn't feeling the best and just wants to be held, you do your workout while holding her :).  

Silly boy wanted to ride the Big Wheels bike

Anna thought it looked fun

It was so cute, Jonathan has this toy dog, "Dougie" and he decided last Thursday was Dougie's birthday. So he made him this legos cake

David wanted a picture with his puppy too

That was a very big bowl of chocolate cake batter! Lots of cupcakes and cakepops make with that cake!

This was so cute, they all put backpacks on and "hiked" around the house, down the stairs, and back upstairs

Eating cakepops for Dougie's birthday

David just sticks the whole thing in his mouth :)

Cupcakes are all done!!

This was the cake stand for the auction

Anna and I on the plane early Friday morning (thanks so my awesome neighbor for waking up super early to take us to the airport!)

Our plane was fair new and has this weird blue limo lighting :) Anna was not impressed

Eating a muffin in Salt Lake City while we waited for our next flight

I think Anna was enjoying having Mommy all to herself

And she took great care of her dolly on our trip

Reading up on all the safety features of our plane

Thankfully she did this for most of our flights!

We made it to California!!

This toy was all our kids favorite toy at Grandma's house (and Steve's least favorite, it's super loud!)

We got there in the morning and so we got to have lunch with my Mom. They didn't have any high chairs so I just stuck Anna's high chair on the chair :) Worked great!

Fun times with Grandma!

I used to go get frozen yogurt with my mom at this place back in college and after I graduated. On a summer night there were always lots of kids playing in this fountain and I remember sitting there lots of times hoping that some day I would be able to take my kids there to play in the fountain. So it was so fun get to sit there with my daughter. I didn't let her play in the water :) (it's wasn't that warm) but it was fun to just enjoy being there with her.

The girls!

Anna thoroughly enjoyed the birthday lunch :)

Not often you see a cake with 92 on it!

Three of my favorite ladies!!

You can't be at Grandma's house with that many people and not play wiffleball, it's a family tradition, one that was fun to see the next generation wanting to be a part of

My brother helping my niece hit :) amazingly she wanted to do it again and again.

Anna checking it all out (it was a bit overwhelming for her)

My dad up to bat

Anna and I with my Grandpa and Grandma

We also played some bean bag toss. And can I just say, we were horrible! :) We finally changed it to the first team to 5 won :) But we had lots of fun

A future wiffleball player

She thought she could give the scooter a try. She did okay going backwards :)

Four generations

My mom bought Anna her Easter dress and I asked her if she wanted Anna to wear it the Sunday we were there so she could see it which she thought sounded great. So Anna all dolled up in her Easter dress and new shoes

Joshua wanted to play with Anna :)

Anna didn't want a whole lot to do with anyone but mommy while we were there, but her Uncle Robert worked hard and even got her to hold his hand :)


And we're back at the airport after a very fun weekend!

She did not sleep as much on the way home, but she still did great! And I was very thankful for flights that were on time, what a difference that makes!

She was pretty happy to be home in her comfort zone

And she was very happy to see her Daddy!

These three silly boys did not miss mommy at all. :) They had a fun "boys weekend" of going to the school auction and Dutch Supper, going to the cadet rocket shoot and pinewood derby, watching basketball, building a rocket, going to people's house for lunch and a birthday party, playing at their friends house, yeah, they had fun :)

This girl and her hair :)

They find such joy out of little things, like riding the elevator :)

Micah was soooo excited that he got to build a rocket with daddy to shoot off last night at Cadets
Ready for takeoff!!

Thankfully the parachute opened and he was able to retrieve his rocket. Unfortunately one of the fins broke off, so he wasn't able to shoot it a second time, but we can fix that and it will be ready for next time.

Micah and our neighbor girl having a little confab in the parking lot after the rocket shoot. These two! :)

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