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Life With the Bussis'- 6.11.17

We had another fun week over here in the Bussis household. It was the first week of summer but Micah had basketball camp in the mornings so we didn't really notice it (although I did notice not having to set an alarm since camp didn't start till 9am :)).
The wanted a picture with mommy :)

Ready for a bike ride around town
And off we go. When we ride around town the boys get to ride their own bikes. It always sounds fun for them, until we're like half way through and they decide their legs are tired. :)

A picnic outside. I made this picture big so you can check out Micah's teeth. Notice they are all there on the top...
And then one goes missing :). He lost another tooth! And the one next to it is pretty loose too!

At night we got to ride our bikes again over to the firehouse to have a hog roast! Love living in a small town!!
Micah at basketball camp. It amazes me how much he loves going because he seems so shy and timid when he gets there, but he always came home having loved it (an knowing exactly how many baskets he made :))!

My mom had asked me the other week if we ever did anything one on one with the twins and I realized we really don't, we always lump them together. So Monday after I dropped Micah off at basketball camp David got to go with me to run errands (with Anna) and Jonathan got to hang out with daddy at home. What I discovered is when David is not with his brothers he never stops talking!! And he talks to EVERYONE! You walk through the store and anyone you pass he says "Hi! My name is David! What's your name? How are you doing?" :) Steve said he thinks Jonathan wanted to do everything, which meant he couldn't stick with anything for more than a few minutes. So a couple minutes of playing baseball, in the sandbox, Frisbee golf, bike ride, scooters. And bringing recyclables away. :) He wanted to get it all in before he had to share Daddy again. :)

Getting ice cream at Costco

He was nice (because Mom made him) and shared with Anna
I let Anna feed herself her yogurt, she was a bit of a mess :)
We decided Monday night was a fire kind of night. Steve had lots of (unhelpful) "help" to start the fire :)

Anna hanging out by the fire

Roasting marshmallows
S'more, oh so good!

Anna just got graham crackers :)

This girl is such a stinker, even when running a low fever (which I think was due to the fact that she was cutting four teeth, two of which finally came through, the top eye teeth)

They were very proud of the track they made
This girl loves to sing, and is very proud of herself :)

These three had to come with me to my foot doctor appointment (to see how my new orthotics were fitting) and the doctor gave them cool stickers that the were very excited about
They needed to have their pictures taken with their stickers (that changed pictures when you moved from side to side)

I look horrible in this picture, but I just had to show you because I'm very proud of the fact that I put that ceiling fan in all by myself (except for the part where someone had to come tell me which wire to connect to since they didn't match the colors my instruction book was telling me they should be :)). And it works!!
The boys wanted to make certain mom gets them new socks next winter, so they turned all their old long socks into sock puppets :)
Micah made about 20 puppets :) so now I have socks ALL OVER my house! But they had fun making them and putting on puppet shows

Micah got this cool terrarium for completing Kindergarten. He was very excited to put it together and now loves watching it's progress, it's just starting to grow.

Our neighbor's mom (who also lives nearby) put up a pool and let the boys come swim in it. She also has lots of fun floatation toys

However the water was FREEZING :) It was actually pretty funny watching them jump in and then go nuts :)

Anna just got to play in the tub to wash your feet :)

I made a new cupcake this week, Banana Split. I only had just enough frosting to make the amount I had to give away, so I didn't get to try one. I'm hoping they tasted as good as they looked :).

Micah had a dentist appointment and I didn't have any arguments out of the other three for having to go along. :)

David finds friends wherever he goes

Anna's crazy hair!
Out for another bike ride. And don't let the blue sky and white clouds behind us fool you, it was not always like that. :) Yesterday was the type of day where if you don't like the weather, just wait 10 minutes and it will change. So we rode through sunshine, through dark clouds, sprinkling (thankfully not full on raining because it was doing that somewhere), high wind (of course against us). :) But it was still fun (and a great workout).

The water is sooo high! those ripples over to the right, that's the rocks we were sitting on in the family picture on the right side of this blog!! Crazy!

Mom fail, I forgot Micah and Jonathan's lunch, so we just quick had the boys eat their apple sauce and headed back to try to beat the rain. 

Playing some checkers

Helping mommy scoop the cookies

And then watching them bake :) That didn't last long. :)

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