Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Life With the Bussis'- 6.21.17

This past week was the first week of summer where Micah was home all day every day (no basketball camp) and of course, it started off cold and wet :)). After a few days of being stuck inside we were getting a bit stir crazy, but we made it and the sun came out again and we all still love each other. :)
This girl has come to LOVE boots!! Good thing she has cool people giving her hand me down boots!!

This is what we saw a lot this past week. And this picture doesn't do justice to how crazy it was at this moment, raining, blowing like crazy, hailing! Steve was actually at church doing pre-marriage counseling and they got done and he asked them if rather than walk to their car they just wanted to go on to do the next session of counseling since he had no desire to walk home in that :). So they knocked off another session and didn't have to get soaked in the process. :)

She was very excited about the $1 sandals I got for her at the mall 

She loves boots so much she doesn't want to just wear one pair :)

Making Father's Day presents for daddy

My little construction worker

Sitting in front of the window soaking up the sun once it decided to show itself! It felt so good!!

They were pretty excited that I found Micah's old Dusty and Lightning McQueen shirt that now fits them

And there goes another tooth! He looks like a hockey player!! This one Steve got to pull when Micah came to our room in the middle of the night complaining that his tooth really hurt and they decided it'd feel better if Steve just pulled it out. I know think he's done losing teeth for a while.

Yes, she actually went to the store with two different boots on. She absolutely insisted and I just didn't feel like fighting her :). This girl has a mind of her own! (Not sure where she gets that from :))

We finally had to just get out of the house and do something fun. So we went to the park

And as you can see they all had a different idea of what the weather was like :)

She has to do everything her brothers do

Fun with the neighbors!

Anna's first roasted marshmallow

She wasn't such a fan

Silly boy thought he fit in this car

They were pretty excited to get to eat lunch in the living room while watching US Open golf with Daddy

Our cute little Massey Ferguson kid (only in Montana :)
She did not think I needed to sell these things in our garage sale. She was wrong :)

Helping Mommy at our garage sale
Daddy with his little people on Father's Day.
Thanks Steve for being such a wonderful dad to our kids!!!
Speaking of Father's Day, this was the best I could get for a Father's Day card :)

Pretty in pink!

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