Saturday, June 3, 2017

Life with the Bussis'- 6.2.17- Micah finishes Kindergarten!!

We had a fabulous week! No colds, no pink eye, and lot of fun!!
Last Saturday we took our first family hike of the year. The boys did great, they made it all the way to the top of the mountain with very few complaints :). And Anna did great hanging out in front of mom (and mom decided when we were done that we needed to invest in a back carrier, so that night we picked on up that I found on a facebook garage sale :)).

Up they go

Anna was great!

She was pretty happy to get out and get to walk around, so happy she plopped down on the ground :)

There was a cool stick fort at the top that the boys found pretty fun.

Not a bad place to sit and have a snack

Awesome view from the top
Anna giving us a little concert in the car

Anna wore this adorable outfit complete with cowgirl boots and I wanted a picture of her, she was not so cooperative, and thought she was absolutely hilarious

I finally grabbed her and then she'd look at the camera
Monday was a very fun day. Steve took all the boys golfing in the morning.

Putting on the practice putting greet

He's even trying to hold the club the right way (he's always held it wrong).
After golf Anna and I joined them at a church member's house for lunch. I forgot to take any pictures, but I have to share the lovely moment when the adults are sitting at the picnic tables visiting and here comes Jonathan stripped down to his undies. :) The kids were playing with water balloons and my boys didn't have their bathing suits along, but I told them they could just get their shorts wet, they were quick drying ones. I guess Jonathan didn't want to get his shorts wet, so he took them off. :)

Then at night we went with some friends to a lake. The boys were so excited to get to ride in a paddle boat.

And Steve finally got to try out the inflatable kayak he got for Christmas. It worked great!
Micah, Anna and I out for a ride

We caught up with Steve and the twins

And then we got to roast hot dogs and marshmallows. I don't know that there's much scarier than two 4 year old boys swinging around a hot roasting stick!! I lost count of how many times I told them not to swing them around or not to touch the end that was just in the fire! But they had so much fun!

Anna had a good time too

Anna saying "hi" to the camera :)

Anna decided Mommy and Daddy needed some help planning the music for Sunday's worship services. :) She's singing the song for us. This girl loves to sing (I don't know where she gets if from ;))
Lunch at Costco, always fun

She was pretty excited to get to sit at the table instead of in the cart where she usually sits to eat 
Micah had his last day of school on Thursday. He's grown quite a bit this past year!

I found these three like this, I feel like Anna is holding court :)
Micah's school does a Kindergarten Celebration. They started off by acting out a book (can't remember the name of the book) and they used these masks that the kids made themselves

Then they sang some songs for us

Their teacher put together a fold of all the special things they had made through out the year as well as a journal they did. She presented each kid with their folder

And then we got to spend time going through it together.

Micah with his teacher

Our little Kindergarten graduate!

The twins thought the train was pretty cool
Oh David :)

Micah with the mask he made
Anna was a big fan of the balloons
Siblings picture

Family picture (Anna was more interested in patting Micah's head than looking at the camera)

We had a little party at night with our neighbors to celebrate Micah

He was pretty excited to have his own beach towel that looks like an American flag

He requested a cake with a K on it :)

Anna enjoyed the cake :)

The boys watched some of the Indy 500 last Sunday, so yesterday they made their own race track out of their train tracks, complete with a pit stop row :)

Found Anna like this. First reaction, YUCK!! Second reaction, "hey, maybe I've get one child who will potty train before the age of 3 1/2" :)

Our neighbor boy pushing Anna around on his tractor. :) This girl knows how to get what she wants.

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