Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Week 28

Jonathan (right)- 19.4 pounds
David (left)- 17.8 pounds

This past week we have spent a lot of time enjoying the nice weather outside.  We finally convinced Micah it was time for shorts and short sleeves. :)  For some reason he wanted to keep wearing pants and long sleeves even though he would wake up from his naps sweaty, silly boy.  Sickness has once again hit our house.  Jonathan woke up from his nap on Sunday with a 104.2 temperature.  I called the doctor but they don't want to see them until they have had a fever for 3 days.  He still had a temperature this morning so I took him in.  The doctor says he looks great. :)  So they think it's just a virus that comes as a fever with no other symptoms.  Hopefully it goes away in a few days, I miss my happy go lucky little guy.  And hopefully his brothers don't get it too.  David is finally sleeping well again at night and naps have been a lot better.  I've been trying to shorten their morning nap so their afternoon nap goes better and it seems to be working (except today of course, they are both awake right now when they should be sleeping). 

Our local library has a playground next to it so last night while Steve was out doing family visiting we took a walk to the playground so Micah could go down the slide.  He is a big fan of slides.

The twins found the playground really exciting too. :)

Micah finally got to get out all his birthday presents.  He got a golf tee from his uncle and aunt.  Notice how good he is at keeping his head down :)

And swing...
Today is a very exciting day in our family.  Our local ice cream shop opened today.  During the summer we go there at least once a week, usually twice.  And for opening day they were giving out free soft serve ice cream cones from 11-5 so we headed over there before lunch to get our cones.
How we get there.
Micah prefers to have the ice cream in a cup and eat the cone by itself.  He ate the entire thing all by himself.  I don't think he will be satisfied with sharing with mommy this summer

The twins were bummed they didn't get any :)  Here's to another ice cream season!!!

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