Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Week 30

Jonathan (left)- 19.8 pounds
David (right)- 17.4 pounds
As you can see from their weight, David decided to no be a very good eater this week.  From their pictures you can see that Jonathan is now sitting all on his own! 
David is close, he lasts a little while but then quickly falls to the side:
I tried doing them both sitting on their own, but as soon as I let go David falls over, as you can see he's on his way down here. :)
Jonathan has done some more growing this week.  Last night he was sitting on my lap and took my finger to put in his mouth.  He bit down and it hurt, letting me know he had cut a tooth!  So I looked in his mouth and sure enough there on the middle of his bottom gum was a tooth!  Hadn't even seen that one coming, I thought his upper gums seemed more ready to get some teeth.  Still no teeth for David.  Another new thing for the boys this week was their first taste of yogurt, and they really liked it.  They continue to eat their solids better than their bottles but that could perhaps be because their gums are a little sore from teeth trying to come in.  But Jonathan especially doesn't seem to be wasting away. :)
I realized after last week there were pictures that were on my other camera or phone that I meant to put up so here they are:
One night we had to make a Costco run so we decided to check out the new Cabelas.  Micah was a fan of the fish :)

One of Micah and my favorite parts of going to Costco is getting some frozen yogurt.  Steve, Micah and I all shared one and I'm pretty sure Micah ate at least half all by himself. :) 

The twins can't wait until they get to dig into the frozen yogurt (we might have to get 2 then or Daddy and Mommy won't get any :)).

Jonathan and I before church a couple of weeks ago

I wanted to take a picture on my phone of all the boys for their Uncle Dan and Uncle Robert's birthday.  It ended up being one of the best picture I've ever gotten of all three, they all smiled so nice and of course it was for a picture on my phone, not a nice camera :) 
We had a nice Mother's Day.  Being a pastor's family, holidays that fall on a Sunday are not all that relaxing, and Mother's Day was no different, especially since I had to play for the morning service.  But my mother-in-law made us lunch which was awesome.  I love to cook, but I also love it when I don't have to cook. :)  Here's a picture of me with all my sweet boys before church:
I am not a crafty person, but I thought I'd share our Mother's Day cards to our moms in case you ever feel like me in that cards are so expensive and it's a lot of times hard to find one that isn't so cheesy. :)  Plus I've found the Grandma's are big fans of pictures of their grandkids. :)  So I just make a sign saying Happy Mother's Day and have them hold it for a picture.  It was a lot easier the last couple of years when it was just Micah, but the Grandmas still loved it this year even though they weren't all looking.  Then I stick the picture on the front of a homemade card and there you go. :) 
The twins are getting good at using their sippy cups:
Unfortunately for David he got stuck with a pink cup (I got it for a shower gift when I was pregnant with Micah and hadn't used it yet, so why buy a new one when this one will work just fine :))

Micah has taken it upon himself to make sure the boys get enough to drink
And finally, here's a picture of my very silly little 2 year old who decided to get into his brother's infant car seat and talk to Grandma on the phone

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