Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week 29

Jonathan- 19.6 pounds
David- 18.1 pounds
David is gaining ground on Jonathan.  He is a much better eater so that helps. :)  The twins once again have a stupid cold.  I am really starting to get sick of them being sick.  I feel like every time they get healthy and life gets into a good routine, someone gets sick and then we all get sick.  I'm hoping that now that we can be outside a lot the fresh air will kill all these stupid cold bugs. :)  Poor Steve got this cold too (actually all of us ended up with it); I don't know how he preached Sunday night, he barely had a voice after the morning service and catechism so he told me he just couldn't talk to me in the afternoon so he'd have a voice at night. :).  Not much new this week.  The boys still aren't sleeping the greatest but we're getting by.  One exciting thing, they are finally on the same formula and they can handle the Costco brand which means our formula bill is cut in half!!!  Exciting day. :)  I've also started to try a sippy cup with the boys.  Micah never liked a sippy cup, we finally had to resort to cups with straws.  But I thought I'd try with the twins.  They actually are getting some water out of them.  I just give it to them after they have cereal.  I figure I like to have something to drink after eating, so maybe they'd like a drink of water. :)  So that's good, plus they keep them entertained while we eat dinner. 
We have a flower bed in our back yard.  The first couple of years we lived here I planted flowers which were pretty.  But they re-did our retaining wall next to the flower bed and they made it a lot higher so you can't really see the flowers except from our patio window so I decided it might be a fun project for Micah and I to plant a little garden there instead.  So the other day we started off by cleaning out the flowerbed.
The flowerbed.  We had already gotten all the leaves out at this point
Micah is a very good digger 

He's pretty good with a rake too

The twins watching us work

All cleaned out and soil in

Our first plants are in- strawberries!

Micah is also very good at watering the plants.
Yesterday we went and pick up some more seeds to plant.  Even if it's a flop seeds are cheap and I'm sure we'll have lots of fun with it this summer

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