Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Week 31


Jonathan (right)- 20.3 pounds
David (left)- 17.9 pounds
I feel like the last week and a half have been our best days.  The twins are sleeping so much better and just seem happier in general.  As you can see they are now both sitting on their own and it just makes them so much happier.  And I think it makes Micah see them as more fun to play with because he seems to be paying more attention to them which they love. 
We don't have any more teeth sightings but it really seems like they must both be close with some because they are drooling like crazy!  Here is Jonathan with his tooth:

I guess now that he has a tooth he thinks he's pretty big stuff:
He actually doesn't usually hold his own bottle but it's a good start.  The whole sleeping thing has been going much better.  They both are very good at going down for their naps or at night awake and getting themselves asleep.  If they are awake when they go down they are never in the same place in the crib when we go to get them after they wake up, they are quite the movers. :)  David pretty much always sleeps on his side now which is great for his flat head.  
We did some more planting in our garden.  Here is Micah planting some green beans:
 We also planted some cilantro in pots and our peppers have to start off in pots inside

All planted and ready to grow
Micah absolutely loves to help.  If I'm feeding the twins solids he thinks he needs to climb on my lap and help.  He will say "Awchie Bobbie num" which means Micah feed the babies. :)  Of course it really distracts the twins to have their brother feeding them, but it's pretty sweet.  This week he also got to help Steve wash the van and put the air conditioners in:
He thought his snow boots were the proper foot attire for car washing :) It actually worked great because he got pretty wet and then his tennis shoes didn't get all wet

Last Thursday Steve had a Classis meeting which meant he was gone from 3-10pm so I decided it was time for Micah and I to go to Qdoba.  It's our favorite place to go to eat and the twins had never been there, so after their naps and feeding the twins we piled in the van and off to Qdoba we went.
Micah absolutely loves their chicken quesadillas.  I make them for him at home and he won't have anything to do with them but he loves these ones.  Notice the duck :).  He decided that he needed to take one with, along with Mommy taking the mommy duck and the babies taking the baby duck. :)  Unfortunately we also had to go to Walmart and one other store and that duck is now chilling somewhere in Walmart :) Thankfully we have 2 other ones just like it at home so he hasn't noticed yet.

All three boys were so good on our outing.  I tell you, it's quite a trip taking all three in and out of the van at 3 different stops, but they did so well and it was fun to get out with them.

On a totally different unrelated note :) I came across this blog post this past week and thought it was really good and so I thought I'd just share it with you.  I love being a pastor's wife and it's something I truly feel the Lord has called me to be and has equipped me for, but it does have it's moments. :)  I am truly blessed by our congregation that I don't feel like I have a lot of expectations placed on me, especially now with my 3 young children, but I know a lot of churches do, maybe even not intentionally.  Anyways, I thought this might give you a glimpse into the life of a pastor's wife, especially on Sundays and how you might be able to encourage her.  So, read it if you life, disregard it, whatever you want. :)  But I do encourage you to give your pastor's wife a hug on Sunday and tell her you appreciate all she does for her husband and your congregation, it will just make her smile. :)  Okay, there's my two cents :)

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