Thursday, December 11, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 12.11.14

Yesterday I had the privilege of going shopping BY MYSELF!!! Which was wonderful, but also meant I wasn't home much which is why I didn't get to my blog yesterday.  But I promise it's worth the wait because I got a new camera, so I took lots of pictures as I'm trying it out. :)

Micah got to be my first subject with my new camera.  He was happy to oblige

Such a cutie!

Micah loves doing puzzles and is getting really good at being able to do them all by himself.  Even this big floor one he did with very little help.

Can you tell David is my stinker child? :)

But he gets away with it because he is so stink'n cute!

The twins continue to love getting books read to them and it's fun because they are starting to read along with you

And sometimes they do motions too :)  Here Jonathan is showing how strong the Red Tow Truck is. I just love his face in this picture :)

Micah was very impressed with his ability to get the train to stay on top of the tunnel

"Sure Mom, I'll let you try out your new camera on me" :) Such a sport

Such a goof

This picture cracks me up!  Typically David is the one who chases Micah and Jonathan, unless like here where he has taken Jonathan's toy in which case he becomes the one being chased

A picture of Micah taking a picture of me.  He loves taking pictures and his new thing is taking videos on his camera.  They're pretty interesting :)

We put up a few more Christmas decorations this past week.  Our stockings are now up.

As are the lights outside

The boys loved playing outside while I put up the lights.  It was freezing but they didn't care, it was like they had been let out of a cage :)

They think it's fun to jump off the step.  I thought it was pretty cool that I got Micah in midair

And what Micah does the brothers must also do

Checking out the Merry Christmas sign that used to be my Grandma's but we now have.

Friday night was our town's Christmas parade. We all bundled up for it but it ended up not being too freezing cold which was nice.



The boys loved all the horses as well as tractors and fire trucks they got to see

This past Monday we went and got a real Christmas tree.  We haven't had a real one since the first year we were married (so 5 years ago).  The last couple of years we just had a fake 4 foot tree I put on a bistro table but we decided to try it out with the boys this year.  So far only once has David emptied out the bottom of the ornaments :). 

And now to my cell phone pictures :).  Jonathan loves checking everyone's heartbeat.  It's so cute.  He'll come up to you and say "Mommy, I check your heart" and then he goes "bump bump, bump bump" So cute!

This was actually from a couple of weeks ago but I forgot to post last week.  Steve and I went to the play Mary Poppins with our friends Zach & Kasey. It was so much fun and so nice have adult conversation over dinner and not have to scarf down our food. :)

I made muffins the other day and they were on the counter cooling when I heard Micah say "Mommy, come look at David."  I came into the kitchen to find David standing on an upside down bucket chomping away at a muffin :) I guess he was hungry. 

We went to the Children's Museum last week with another mom and boy from our church.  We get there and what's the first thing the twins go for? The train set like we have at home. :)

Getting some money at the bank

Micah made quite the pizza

Always got to do the bubbles

David loved this thing.  He kept going back to it, even when we were on the other side of the museum :)

All the boys got to color a pencil pouch to take home

They had stethoscopes there which the boys were pretty excited about.  Here Micah's checking his own heartbeat 
We were getting ready to leave for Bible Study this week and I look over and David is sitting on top of Jonathan who is sitting in the red chair.  So I grab my phone to take a picture and Micah decides he needs to join in :) Poor Jonathan, he was not a fan of the situation. 

And one more picture that comes with a sad story.  So one of the Christian Schools that kids from our church go to had their Christmas program Tuesday night.  It's a small school and their program isn't very long, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to take the boys to their first Christmas program.  I figured there would be little kids singing so they would love to sit and watch that.  Notice how Jonathan is sitting nicely here, yeah it hadn't started yet.  As soon as it started and they turned the lights down, Jonathan and David were TERRIBLE!!! Like people turning around to look at us with those "your kids are terrible" eyes (that I am sure I have given to others before I had children and now feel awful for having done that).  I took them to the back but it was in their gym so even their running around made lots of noise.  We finally had to just leave before it was done because they just were being so terrible.  So yeah, they are so not ready to go in church, I don't know if they ever will be!  Because at least this time I had Steve to help, in church I don't have that! They still have 5 year olds in nursery, right? :)  Oh David and Jonathan! 

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