Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 12.3.14

Things were pretty busy around here last week, hence no blog :).  We had Thanksgiving here at our house so I was getting a turkey and my house ready.  Plus, it was the season finale of Dancing with the Stars so that took up a little bit of my time too. :)  It's been kind of crazy over here, we had a record amount of snow for the month of November and then when we turned the calendar to December there was no more snow, crazy Michigan!  I'm okay with the no snow, but it's still really cold so we can't really go outside anyways.  So we spend a lot of time indoors and so far we haven't driven each other nuts, so I count that as a blessing. :)  Amazingly the boys really to get along quite well.  Oh, they have their moments, every day, but I really don't have to put out many fights.  And they really are 3 very fun little guys to get to hang out with every day. 
We play games like Memory

Look at picture books (Jonathan and David both love looking at picture books and it's so nice that they're finally able to look at them without ripping them so I can have them out again. :))
Play with Daddy
"Help" Mommy vacuum
(he seriously insisted on holding on to it the entire time, took me twice as long!)
Go with Mommy to the grocery store.  Jonathan went with me one week and got to sit in Micah's seat in the van. He thought it was so much fun the next time we got in the van he decided he needed to try out David's seat :)
I now keep track of who goes with me each week so they all get a turn.  It's so fun that they fight over who gets to come with me, but deep down I really know it's about the cookie they get and not spending time with Mommy :)

Eating breakfast together (and lunch and dinner, this is just the one I have a picture of :))
Doing puzzles.  The twins are pretty good at them.  If they wouldn't make such a mess with them (as in throw the pieces all over my floor) I'd have them out all the time for them to do more often because they really do like them.  But I'm a fan of seeing my floor, so we'll just keep them in a drawer and I'll try to remember to get them out more often :)
Going to the library.  I decided to take the twins along last week because they were doing a special Thanksgiving one.  Yeah, David proved to me #1 it's best to just let them stay at home with Miss Barb and #2 he is so not ready to sit in church. :)  The boy couldn't sit still.  He would go stand by the librarian, then go back by Micah.  He loved the running and jumping songs they did :)

Showing off the turkeys they made.  The little boy on the left is from our church.
One thing the twins have not been doing a lot of is napping.  Those two, seriously.  They seem all tired and after their video they just look all ready to go to sleep.  I put them in their cribs, they say good night to me.  I shut the door and commence playtime.  They think their cribs are trampolines! One day I went up there after they should have been sleeping and all of their blankets, teddy bears, and the quilts that are hanging above their cribs were all over the floor.  Amazingly they never cry, they just talk to each other (which is actually quite adorable to listen in on) and have fun.  David usually pulls open his blinds, I can't believe the things haven't broken yet.  And most days one of them then falls asleep for a little bit while the other keeps playing.  So here David and I are hanging out because this was the day he decided to never fall asleep.  So they have been going to bed earlier because one usually doesn't sleep at all and when I try to put that one to bed by himself the other one gets upset that his brother is going to bed without him, so they both go to bed early. :)  Silly boys.  This proves to me that we are not ready to put them in big beds yet, at least now they stay contained in their cribs.  Who knows what kind of trouble the two would get into if they could get out of bed! :)

Like I said earlier we hosted Thanksgiving for Steve's mom's family at our house.  I set the table the night before and amazingly it still looked like this after church (meaning my 3 little munchkins left it alone :))

Micah was very excited about Thanksgiving, particularly getting to eat the meal, which is pretty funny considering he doesn't like turkey :), but he likes all the stuff that goes with the turkey

The twins chowing down on their meal (sadly, all they really ate were the rolls :))
Okay, so this is what it looked like around here and then we had 2 days of rain and :

It all went away!  Micah was pretty sad about it going away.  But Steve told him not to worry because it would definitely come back to which Micah replied, "Yah, but Mommy doesn't want it to come back" :), he knows his Mommy! 

Jonathan was pretty excited to get to eat a cookie with frosting on it. 

David on the other hand preferred the chocolate chip cookies over the ones with frosting

Friday night Micah spent the night at Steve's parents.  The twins are part of the Geoffrey birthday club at Toys 'R Us and for their birthday had each gotten a $5 gift card from there.  We wanted to take them there sometime to pick out a gift when Micah wasn't around to tell them what to pick :), so Friday night worked perfect.  They both ended up picking a little Dusty (from the movie Planes).  They were pretty excited about them (although not nearly as excited as Micah was when he found out there were 2 Dusty's at our house to play with :), good thing the twins are good at sharing).

They had to hold them the whole time, even in the car :)

After Toys 'R Us we went to Wendy's for dinner.  It was a fun night giving them our full attention 

Now that Thanksgiving is past we are getting in the mood for Christmas.  Steve and I got to go see the musical Elf in Grand Rapids.  It was pretty fun, although it's hard to beat Will Ferrell as Elf, but we had a good time. 
While I was getting out some Christmas decorations I found this spray snow so Micah and I made some snowflakes on the door along with an "M" (for Micah of course :)).  I can't remember why he isn't wearing a shirt here :) I think maybe he was playing Wii Fit and got hot. 
Another thing we did was make a Gingerbread house.  I have a porcelain gingerbread house that I put out with our Christmas decorations and Micah got it in his head that he wanted to make one.  So Monday him and I did just that.  He is pretty proud of his gingerbread house, has to go over and admire it ever so often.

I got a package yesterday and Micah had a lot of fun popping the bubble wrap. :)

This little guy (Jonathan) woke up this morning throwing up.  I had just mentioned to my mom yesterday how we were staying healthy. :)  Thankfully I think he just got a bunch of mucus in his stomach because he hasn't thrown up anymore.  So here's hoping no one else gets it!

So we spent a lot of time this morning resting :)

And a morning of resting sure makes you tired and ready for a nap :) 
Oh, these 3 little guys are just too cute! :)  

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