Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 1.21.15

My favorite Jonathan saying of the week (the kid doesn't stop talking :)): So one night we took his clothes off downstairs before going up to take a bath. Steve asked him where his belly button was. He said he didn't know, so I showed him where it was. He touched it, looked up and said "My belly button doesn't work!" Not sure what he thinks a belly button is supposed to do. :) Oh Jonathan, with his mouth running all the time, you just never quite know what's going to come out of it.
I'm doing this 90 day TERRAfit challenge where you are on a team and you get points for eating really healthy and exercising. Anyways, I needed to take some before pictures so Micah helped me see if in front of the closet worked

Jonathan wanted in on the picture taking too

Micah got quite a few games for his birthday so we've had lots of fun playing them

It works best if the twins participation in the game is limited to watching from Mommy's lap :)

Silly boys

Trying out the cool bowling set they got for their birthday

All the boys are very encouraging while I exercise each day. They like to join in. Although Micah didn't last long here, he said it wasn't good for his back :) I'm guessing he's heard that one come out of his mother's mouth before. However instead of exercising with me he proceeded to pick up all the toys in that room on the floor, without me telling him, what a kid!!!
This is David trying to do one of the stretches (notice he has shoes on. Both him and Jonathan saw me exercising with shoes on so they went and got their shoes and asked to have them on :).

How Jonathan does the stretches :). It's cute to watch them imitate me, but it wasn't so great when I started doing the kickboxing, I had two little guys where I was supposed to be kicking :)

Friday Micah had his 4 year old well child visit. He did such a great job! What a difference from last year when he screamed the whole time with the nurse and wouldn't even let her take his blood pressure. I think Doc McStuffins has really helped :) He did cry when he got his shots, but my mom says I deserve anything I get from my kids because when I was 7 I had to have a shot and it took 2 doctors and 3 nurses to hold me down to get my shot :). Here are his stats:
Height: 3'5.25" (72%)
Weight: 38lb 6oz (71&)
After his appointment he got to go on a lunch date with Mommy.

He loves Panera Bread!

And then after lunch he got to go to Toys 'R Us to pick out a toy with his gift card he got from the Geoffrey Birthday Club. And what did he pick out? A RED pontoon Dusty. So now we have racing Dusty, Orange pontoon Dusty and Red pontoon Dusty. There's a Dusty for everyone in this house :)
Jonathan was sitting on my lap one afternoon and Steve sat down at the table with some celery and peanut butter for a snack and Jonathan jumped off my lap and climbed right on Steve's, wonder why :)

More games, this time it was Trouble and I have to say, Micah takes great joy in knocking someone back to their home.
Micah won here. He was blue. Notice while all his blue tabs are nicely in his finish, all of my red tabs are still in my home :(

But I had this cute little guy on my lap so all was good :)
It continues to be hit or miss if the twins will actually sleep during their naptime. There's lots of jumping and chatting that goes on upstairs (I love to just sit with the monitor on and listen to them talk to each other. Yesterday David was saying "Jonathan, scare me" and Jonathan would respond with a roar to which David would respond with a scream, then again say "Jonathan, scare me" and on and on it went :)). And while that's cute, it leaves for some tired boys. Most days one of them will usually eventually fall asleep. This day Jonathan never did fall asleep, so he earned himself a nice and early bed time, which he did not argue about.

Saturday morning we went out to breakfast with Steve's parents. Jonathan knew the fun place to go after he was done with his breakfast :)

Micah showing off his quilt picture he made at storytime at the library.
So fun times at the Bussis Home!

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