Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 1.28.15

We've had a pretty good week over here in the Bussis household. Colds seem to have gone away, just a few runny noses but always clear. We've watched a lot of tennis with the Australian Open going on (it's so cute, both David and Jonathan call it "tennis ball" so they'll say "we watch tennis ball Mommy" :)). We also were able to play outside a couple of times since the weather was pretty mild (that has not been the case the last couple of days, however, it's been pretty cold here). Here are a few of the fun things we've done this week:
Something I've noticed since we got back from Mexico is that all 3 boys really play nice together. That's not to say they don't argue, they do, usually because someone has taken a toy from someone, but for the most part they really enjoy playing together. Here they are playing in Micah's room (Micah had been hiding from me :)). I love just sitting back and watching them all interact together and get along, makes me smile :).

One afternoon Micah got up from his nap and said he was cold. I had a perfect solution for him, come snuggle with mommy. :) (Seems strange that he thought it was cold when I was in a tank top :), I had just done my exercise video, so I didn't think it was cold)

It's so much more fun this year playing in the snow with all the boys. Last year the twins were just learning how to walk so they couldn't do much outside. This year nothing holds them back and they love throwing snowballs and sledding down our little hill in the backyard.

They love sledding together

Or hopping on top of Daddy for a ride

Last Friday we had a play date with my friend Kasey and her girls. Micah and Lydia played really well together. Lydia got a little indoor tent for Christmas and at one point she was in there with all my boys. I commented to Kasey that at some point in Lydia's life she and her husband won't be okay with Lydia in a tent with 3 boys :), but for now it's cute :)
All the kiddos eating lunch.

Friday night we headed out to dinner. We ordered the boys dinner right away so they wouldn't have to wait too long, yeah, they had their food before Steve and I had even ordered :). Then we were worried they'd be done too soon and we wouldn't be able to enjoy our food, but they were good little boys and let us enjoy our meal.

David had not found it necessary to sleep at all in the afternoon, so as you can see, he was a little tired out at dinner, but still was a very good boy at the restaurant

We had fun making things with PlayDoh

And being silly while Daddy vacuumed

Jonathan declared "I need to sit and read" and I guess his sleeping bag was the closest "seat" because that's where he plopped himself down and David must have thought it was a good idea too
These two love reading. They got these Thomas the Train books for Christmas that have a reader with it and they love to sit together and "read" Thomas
Saturday night Steve and I were able to go to a marriage event in our town. It was great to hear about ways to strengthen our marriage and just get to spend a night out together
Sunday night I was in the nursery so I took a few pictures of them being cute in the nursery :) Jonathan eating his Smarties at the picnic table (there's a lady at church who gives the boys Smarties every service, they always know to go find her :))

He loves it when he gets to stay in the nursery with mommy :)

David was having so much fun he wouldn't stop so I could get a good picture
Micah ended up being a good helper. This little boy was upset when his Dad came down to bring his other brother to the nursery after the service had started and then left so Micah cheered him up with a silly toy. It was so cute to see Micah taking care of him :)

Jonathan always wants to be like Daddy so he got his own computer to be on :)

Today at the library their story was about ice cream so as a treat for the kids they gave them ice cream cups, Micah was a big fan of this :)
So as you can see we had a very fun week!

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