Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 2.4.15

Well, I know we did stuff this past week, but I must not have taken pictures of much because I don't have many pictures to share with you this week. It's been really cold outside and I've had a nasty cold, so nothing too exciting happened over her.

We did have a play date Thursday morning with another mom and her two boys that we met at story time at the library, but of course, I forgot to take a picture :). So here they are after, pretty tuckered out from all their playing
There was some cuddling with Mommy after naps, always a welcome things

Jonathan and David decided it was time to bring out the Crocs, I guess they think summer's around the corner :)

Both boys love to read, especially Thomas books

Saturday night Steve's parents were babysitting our niece and nephew so we headed over there so the cousins could hang out. Micah and Bentley played a riveting game of High Ho Cherrio

All tired out after a morning of playing at church. Cute story. So at one point after church I didn't see either twin in the fellowship hall. So I went to go find them, walked into the sanctuary, and there they were, standing on the stage, each holding microphones. Jonathan said "Mommy, I want to sing 'Jesus Loves Me'" and then they both proceeded to sing "Jesus Loves Me" so stinking cute! I wish I had a video camera at that moment, it was quite precious.

Flipped my calendar Sunday morning to this page and every time I see this picture of Micah and my Dad (Micah being Sherriff Callie and my dad as Deputy Peck), it just makes me smile :)

David was the lucky winner of who got to go with mommy to the store. You can see his prize of a cookie still on his face

I looked over last night and saw these two like this and thought, awe, that's just so cute!

They were watching Micah play Wii Fit. He's getting pretty good at it, can even do some of the games all by himself, and he holds the top score on the driving range that he does all by himself, we might have another golfer on our hands

As you can see Jonathan was thrilled to be taking a picture with me :)
Since I don't have many pictures to share I'll finally share the videos I've been meaning to put up the last couple of weeks. We have a routine in our house of after dinner we read for a Children's Bible and then it's time to pray and they each take a turn. We find it pretty funny that Jonathan, our non-stop talker, says the shortest prayer. :) Anyways, thought I'd give you a glimpse of prayer time around our table, I think it's pretty sweet (and don't worry, I'm sure I closed my eyes while I recorded them :)) 
And of course Micah insisted I also record him praying :)

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