Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Life With the Bussis'- 2.18.15

When I think back on the past week I think of it being cold, my back going out, it being really cold, Micah getting a cold, it being very cold, David getting a fever and Jonathan a runny nose, it being so cold we actually drove to church Sunday morning so they wouldn't get frost bitten on the short walk to church. And that was our week. Okay, it wasn't all bad, but seriously, it is SO cold here! And seriously, I am so sick of my kids being sick!!! I even started using essential oils with them, obviously they have not started helping yet. :) But since I didn't take any pictures of the not so fun things that happened this week and I still have some pictures to share, I guess we still had some fun.
One morning we met some friends at church to play. Our friend brought a Thomas bike and seriously, I think Jonathan was on it for at least an hour, I'm very thankful the boy was okay with sharing.

Micah wanted me to take a picture of him on his bike as well :)

He's into taking pictures both by himself, and he likes taking them with Mommy...
I think we take great pictures together :)

One morning I asked the boys what they wanted for breakfast. David went over to the pantry, opened it, and came back to the table with a bag of marshmallows :). No worries, that is not what he had for breakfast :)
Jonathan- he got his sweater he wore to church in the morning dirty, so I quick grabbed this sweater for him to wear at night and didn't realize till I put it on him right before we were ready to leave that it was really a tad too small :). He was showing a little midriff at church :). This sweater will be going in the stored pile now

Playing with "Harold" the helicopter after church

Micah brought home a fun game from Sunday school so he and Steve played it after church.
I made chocolate peanut butter cupcakes for Bible Study and had some extra. The boys in this household were more than willing to help me get rid of them :)

I think Jonathan got more frosting on his hand than in his mouth

I took 3 pictures of Micah and on all of them he just would not open his eyes all the way :)

Moments like these, when they're all 3 playing nice together, just make me smile. Of course it only lasts about 5 minutes until they start fighting over who had what or who wants what, but for those 5 minutes it's great

I have finally had enough of Micah just deciding he doesn't want to eat what I make. So we made him sit at the table until he ate his burrito that I had made special for him with no meat. He didn't take his first bite until 45 minutes after we started, when we were all long gone from the table. And do you know what he said after he ate a bite? "Mommy, this is a really good burrito" :) Oh Micah, sometimes you make life harder than it needs to be.

While Micah was sitting at the table, still eating his dinner, Steve and I were doing the dishes (I know, what a guy) and we couldn't hear the twins, which a lot of times means they are up to no good. So I went in the other room and this is what I found, them nicely sitting on the couch drawing on the magna-doodles. And we thought they were up to no good :)
And one last thing for ya. Jonathan loves reading Thomas books and I just find it so cute, so I thought maybe you would too. :)
Here's to a hopefully warmer, healthier week!

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