Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 2.11.15

This week's pictures start with lunch and the mall and end with lunch and the mall :). In between we did a few fun things too.
Last week Wednesday I had to pick up my vacuum cleaner that I had brought in for a tune up, and since Steve had a lunch meeting that day, the boys and I decided it would be fun to get lunch at Panera. :) Here's Jonathan enjoying his grilled cheese sandwich

And David. Micah was also there and I took a picture of him but for some reason I can't get it to send, so you'll just have to take my word for it. :)

After lunch we headed to the mall so we could get a baby gift for our new nephew/cousin Koen, and then the boys got to play for a while. They really do love all playing together and it's so fun to watch


Back home, after naps, Jonathan decided his teddy needed to take a nap on his sleeping bag while getting a ride.  Both David and Jonathan have become quite attached to their teddies. This afternoon I could not find David's at naptime so I put him to bed without it and he cried until I finally found it down in the basement and brought it to him.

One morning David woke up an hour after his brother, so he got to eat breakfast in Micah's chair. I really think the twins would do great in booster seats, now when they're done eating they try to stand up in their high chairs which about gives me a heart attack every time because I can picture them falling and hitting their heads on the wood floor, but we only have 4 kitchen chairs, so for now we'll stick with the high chairs

They still love their sleeping bags. Here they are laying in them while watching their video before naps. Jonathan thought he could just take a nap in his sleeping bag and a part of me was tempted to let him try, but I really needed him to take a good nap that day so he went in his crib. But I really think soon we might try them in a big bed (or just take the side of their cribs, we're not sure yet what we're going to do for big beds for them). I'm sure the first couple of days will be horrible getting them to stay in bed, but I think they're getting close to being ready to be out of their cribs.
Last week at the library Micah got a stamp on his hand and it reminded me that I have a bunch of stamps. So we got them out and at first we had fun using them with paper, and then Micah decided it was time for some tattoos :)

And he thought Mommy needed a tattoo too. Thankfully these tattoos wipe off with soap and water :)
Out to dinner

My silly David
Poor Jonathan was getting out of the van and feel and hit his head on the concrete floor in the garage. He got a little goose egg on his head, but thankfully recovered quickly as you can see in the picture, he's already over it a couple minutes later
Jonathan was the only one Steve could get to go outside with him, but Micah and David cheered them on from inside :)

David playing with the computer and Jonathan pestering David as he played with the computer :)

Micah's Valentine's treats for his friends at preschool storytime at the library

My cuties!

David's singing face. He loves to sing and it's just so cute. His favorite songs to sing are "Jesus Loves Me" and a song from Little Einstein that says "You are my best friend, I love you. You're my best friend, I love you." :) It's so cute. And he always puts his lips out like this when he sings. Tonight as Steve was reading from the Children's Bible David was just singing away and we had to keep telling him to stop singing and listen and it reminded me of how my brother made the rule no singing at the table because of me, so I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree :)
And then today we headed back to the mall, a different one this time :). I had some returns to make so after a disastrous time at the library (the lady who normally watches the twins while I take Micah to the library is gone so we had to take the twins along and they were so noisy and wouldn't sit still, they are definitely not ready for church :)) we headed to the mall for some lunch and playtime. 

Can you tell he was in a stinker mood? :)

The boys are very much enjoying Mommy eating at Subway these days and not being able to eat the cookies so they get to eat them :)

Having so much fun they can't stop for a clear picture :)

It's a great workout pushing 100 pounds of kids around in a stroller :) But they're just so cute!

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