Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 5.13.15

I don't usually blog at 9:30 at night but I decided to do this project this week:
A friend of mine redid her kitchen and I absolutely loved how she painted it and so I was inspired to after 5 1/2 years of living in this house finally change something :). And I decided it was going to look much nicer if I changed all the trim and doors to white (they were just plain wood). So they all needed to be sanded, primed, then 2 coats of paint. I'm proud to say that all of the doors (4) and trim is done!!! The next step is painting the walls which we'll hopefully get done this weekend. So hopefully next week I'll have some pictures for you of my nice newly painted kitchen! So yeah, I've been painting all day which is why it's now 9:30 and I'm just getting to my blog. So all that to say is my brain doesn't work that well at this time of night :), so I will say little, just enjoy the pictures :).

I ended last week's blog by saying the twins had come down with fevers. Unfortunately I realized it right before we were ready to leave to run some errands. But I decided they could sit at home and veg or sit in the car and veg, so we did our errands. Thankfully a lady from church was coming with us so she stayed in the car with them while they watched the movie Planes on my iPad and I ran into stores to get what I needed.

They did get out at Home Depot while I got the paint for the kitchen and they took very seriously their job of "driving" the cart.

Taking a walk/ride at night

Thankfully they woke up the next morning feeling much better (Jonathan's fever broke during the night and David's was gone in the morning). And that was that, just one day of fevers. And thankfully no one else got it.

It was great to see them eat that morning, they hadn't wanted to eat anything the day before when they had their fevers.

Getting a detox bath :)

Our garden is all planted!!! And Micah put every one of the seeds in the ground!
Steve's parents came over for dinner one night and I decided to go easy on dessert, just take a trip to the Ice Cream store :) Nobody seemed to mind

Had to make a trip to Target, Micah was happy to push the cart for me (Jonathan, however, was not happy to have Micah push the cart for some reason :))

I had to pick up the pottery the GEMS had painted the week before at the mall for our end of the year party. I found it funny that the twins seemed to hold on for dear life here. I guess they think I'm a crazy stroller driver :)
On that note, just had to show you the spoon rest I painted. I'm not very artistic, so I'm very proud of my flower I freehanded :)
They were very good while I got a few things, so they got to play on the playground

Thankfully they aren't sick here, just all thought it would be funny to "nap" :)

We stopped at Meijer Saturday night after grabbing some dinner. Who needs to go to an aquarium when you can just go to Meijer and check out the fish. They thought it was awesome. :)
These next set of pictures are the pictures I took to make a Mother's Day card for our Moms. Just look at David in all these pictures, you will see that he is my silly, stinker :)

This was the winner for the cards :)
Me with my boys on Mother's Day. We had a very nice day with wonderful worship services and a nice lunch at our house with Steve's Mom and Grandma (his dad was out of town, we didn't not invite him :))

It was David's turn to go to the grocery store with Mommy this week, but he didn't want to come :( so Jonathan jumped at the opportunity to go (and get a cookie :))
These 3 have their moments, but the last couple of days it's been pretty cold and rainy so we've been stuck inside a lot, and they really have played nice together. It's so great that they have each other all the time!
They wanted to show me the "Cactus Quickstep" (From Sheriff Callie :))
Need to get some energy out on a cold day, so Micah played some Wii Fit

And they watched :)
Jonathan decided to come over and cuddle with Mommy while we watched Micah, something I never tire of!!
Okay, I made it :). And now it's about time for bed! :)

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