Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 5.20.15

Since I'm sure so many of you are curious how my painting turned out :) I thought I'd start with that.
Here's what it looked like before (I never actually took before pictures, had to search through my many pictures to find one :))...
After (painted doors and trim white, the walls Woodlawn Blue)
Before (again, had to scrounge, best I could find, ignore Micah's funny face :))...

I am very happy with how it all turned out! I had all the doors and trim and taping done by Friday afternoon so Steve and I could just jump right in with painting Saturday morning (Steve's parents took the boys overnight so we could paint without kids in the way) and we were all done with the painting by noon! There's still a few things to be put back on the wall (I'm not super ready to start putting holes in the walls again, so I'm taking my time in deciding what to put back up), but the hard parts done.
While I was taking the after shots these two just had to have their picture taken :) and who could resist that request. And yes, they are now at the age that as soon as you take a picture they say "Let me see" :)
Notice the pants and long sleeve shirts, yes, it just doesn't want to stay warm here. Yesterday it never got above 55, it's not much warmer today. Very thankful I hadn't put all the winter clothes away (I had planned to, just never got around to it).
Thursday we got to go to the Zoo with friends of ours that have a family membership where they get to bring 4 guests every time. We started with the wallabies who were fighting like crazy, really reminded me of how my boys sometimes play :)
Notice the stroller, yeah, that didn't last too long :). But the twins did great even when they weren't in the stroller. They are at a very fun age to take to the zoo. They loved the freedom of getting to walk, but stayed close.
Petting the goats
The twins weren't too sure about that (although they did eventually pet them).
The tiger, however, they really weren't sure about and didn't trust the glass between them and the Tiger and stayed way back from him :). Micah however thought it was pretty cool to be up close and personal
I think their favorite of all the animals were the penguins. This one penguin seemed like he wanted to play with them. He kept tapping the glass by where they'd put their hand on it. It was pretty cute.
Telling Grandpa and Grandma how exited they are to see them in 4 weeks! :)
Since I had the kitchen all ready to be painted by Friday afternoon, we decided to go on a date after dropping the boys off at Steve's parents. After dinner I asked Steve what he wanted to do and he said that Maple Hills (a golf shop where he's gotten most of his clubs) wasn't far :). I asked him if he needed any new clubs and he said "no, but I don't have any hybrid clubs" :). So we went and he tried out a hybrid club (not totally sure why you need a hybrid club but it's something about adding 20 yards to your irons or something like that :), the pros have them). So he tried one out, but he didn't get one, he just wanted to see what they were like :).

While Steve and I were busy painting Micah got to go fishing with his new fishing pole he had gotten for his birthday with Grandpa. And he caught a fish! Actually he caught a few fish, this was the biggest one. He was pretty excited about it!

Enjoying some of the nice weather (since we knew it was going to get cold this week :))

More enjoying of the outside. You can't tell on this picture, but it was incredibly windy here. Micah was riding his bike up and down the driveway and at one point he was going to the grass hill in the back of the driveway and the wind all of the sudden picked up and sent him flying. His eyes got huge! Thankfully he was able to stop before he went flying down the hill :)

Monday morning they predicted thunderstorms, but they were wrong, thankfully :), so we headed to a park with a Frisbee golf course so Steve and Micah could play that and the twins could play on the playground

And who wants to use the steps when you can climb up this thing instead?
The Frisbee golfers

If there are swings, my boys will be on them
Micah didn't last very long on the course, so he joined us on the playground
David thought this sliding thing was pretty fun

Love these 3 so much!!!
Micah loves to ride his bike, but he's still too little to ride it on the bike paths so we decided to try out a ride-along bike. He's a big fan of it. I thought it would be easier than pulling him in a trailer, it's not :). The bike is a bit heavier and he's not yet to the point where he's contributing much to the pedaling process :), but it's way more enjoyable for him
He just keeps following me wherever I go :)

I forgot my list on Monday so we were back Tuesday for the things I missed :) The twins didn't mind, that meant cookies!!
The twins took horrible naps yesterday (as in I went up there a little after 2:30- they had gone to bed at 1:30- and found the lights on, Jonathan sitting up in his bed reading and David hiding behind the rocker. I put them back in bed and Jonathan never went to sleep and David slept an hour, after getting up before 7 that morning), so they both went to bed early, and Steve was gone to his softball game, so Micah got some Mommy time and decided it's be fun to beat her in Trouble :).

His prize for beating Mommy, brownie and ice cream (okay, I would have let him have it anyway, but it's fun if you think it's your prize :))

This morning I let the boys watch Sheriff Callie in the basement while I exercised upstairs. Jonathan went down, climbed in that foot rest and said "Mommy, I sit in my bucket to watch Sheriff Callie" :)
We just got a new (used) table this afternoon. Now that our walls are nicely painted I was ready to be done with our 2 high chairs (we have to fold up the one every time it's not being used and it bangs against the wall and chips the paint) which meant we needed a bigger table and more chairs. After many searches on craigslist I found this one and the price was right! I think the twins will be pretty excited tomorrow morning when they realize they get to sit at the table for breakfast!

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