Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 5.6.15

Another fun and beautiful week for us over here.
I made some cookies for a playdate we had and Micah graciously offered to help
I'm pretty sure this is why :)

Enjoying the fruits of his labor (you can't just stand and eat a cookie outside, you need a chair and table :))
David enjoyed eating a peanut cluster, and getting it all over his mouth and fingers

Quick Costco trip, we love Costco!

At our playdate, the boys loved this little John Deer

And the trampoline (their friend Graham has lots of fun toys)

And lots of fun bubble toys

Lunch time

Micah got to drive, yikes! Good thing he plays Mario Kart :)
And then Jonathan climbed on, and then he found the gas pedal! My heart jumped pretty hard when he started going forward! Thankfully he did okay driving and didn't last long

All the boys...and Lillian :)
Out to dinner at Chili's (we love it when they send us coupons for free kid's meals!!!)

After dinner we went to Toys R Us. Micah's Dusty plane is now missing the rotors and wheels and he had gotten a dollar in his Easter basket, so we gave him a few more dollars and let him go get a new Dusty

He was pretty excited about it. He now has Supercharged Dusty. So we now have that one, Racing Dusty, Pontoon Dusty, and Red Pontoon Dusty :). And of course they still all fight over the same one!

Friday was a very exciting day in our household, it was the day our local ice cream store opened! And Micah got to ride his bike all the way there! Getting ready to go. All morning he kept asking me when we got to go :), so he was so excited to finally get to go.
On our way!

And we're back! And in honor of their opening day, we got free ice cream!

This is one happy boy

Playing outside when we got back

My four boys enjoying the beautiful weather outside! Unfortunately they all think it's way more fun to ride on the road since it's nice and smooth :). Thankfully they know they can't do it unless Steve or I are right there with them.

Saturday Micah and I got to go to the play Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day at the community theatre in Grand Rapids. It was so much fun to take Micah to his first play! Thankfully it was only 50 minutes long (both for his sake being 4 and for my sake since I had the GEMS sleepover at my house the night before and was not running on a full tank of sleep :)).
Melissa and Bentley (sister-in-law and nephew) went with us

They were pretty excited for the "movie with real people"
Sitting on their booster seats waiting for the show to start.
These boys love their daddy!

Micah sat down in his chair for the specific reason of having me take a picture of them all :). He is definitely posing here :)

Here David wanted to see the picture I took, before I even took it :)
Loved getting to wear shorts to church this week!
My shopping buddy this week. He's saying "cheese" as he takes a bite :)
They oftentimes can all be found piles on the chair or couch together :) they really do love each other!

This is how Micah spent a lot of Monday night/Tuesday. Between about 5pm Monday and 1:30 Tuesday he had 7 bloody noses (2 in the middle of the night)! So after the 7th one I took him in to the doctor and they put some stuff in it to freeze it and thankfully we have not had another bloody nose since.

While I tended to Micah and his bloody nose the twins wanted to "nap" on the couch, with the couch cushions acting as their blanket, silly boys!

And as soon as his nose stopped bleeding Micah jumped right in with them (even though the bloody nose he had prior to this started because he bumped into David)

After much rough housing Mommy decided we needed to do something that would prevent anyone from bumping heads, so we played some Mario Kart on the Wii, no one argued :)
We had to go to the doctor during his nap that he obviously needed :) thankfully he slept on the way there.
He was such a good boy at the doctor, letting them put the stuff in his nose and never crying or fighting them, so he got to go have a shake at McDonald's afterwards :).
And now today the twins woke up fine, Jonathan talked non-stop for the first 10 minutes, then about an hour later they started running fevers and obviously not feeling well. We have avoided sickness for the last couple of months, no longer. :( Here's hoping it's a quick virus and that Micah doesn't get it. Because there is just always fun to be had at the Bussis house. :)

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