Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 7.1.15

It's been a pretty good week. I haven't felt the best, but we've still had some fun times. It's been fun getting to talk to the boys about having a baby. I think Micah has grasped the concept, it's so cute, in his prayers now he thanks God for giving us another baby. :) In his prayer last night David thanked God for the baby in his tummy. Steve and I looked at each other wondering if that's really what he said and sure enough, after he said amen he said "Daddy, I have a baby in my tummy." :) And Jonathan told me last night he wants it to be a sister (even though I'm pretty sure he doesn't really know what a sister is :)). I think we have an interesting 7 months ahead of us. :)
These two keep life interesting around here. This day they wanted to "help" unload the dishwasher. The problem was Jonathan would put the silverware away and David would put it back in the dishwasher :). But it's the thought that counts, right?

David and Jonathan refuse to hold my hand but I guess they don't mind holding each other's hands, which I don't mind, I mean, how cute is this?

The twins were pretty excited that I let them walk and not be in the cart at Costco. Of course, then they had to be like big brother Micah and hang on to the cart :)

Eating some cake at cousin Morgan's first birthday party, they thought it was pretty fun to get to eat in a garage.

Saturday was nice so we decided to go for a bike ride. All ready to get in their trailers.

We made it to Rockford! And this day the turtles were out which the boys were very excited about!
And the twins remembered these rocks and of course had to climb on them :)
Trying to get a nice picture of all 3, the twins lately cannot grasp the concept that they still need to look at me when they say "cheese" :)
Eating some lunch. We didn't realize that it would be pretty cool and didn't bring their sweatshirts. So they didn't eat the best because they were pretty cold...
But they warmed up by running and jumping off the stage
Micah and David playing some Bingo together

Jonathan had just woken up and wasn't quite ready to play some Bingo :). He wanted to just watch some golf instead

Micah finally wanted to come to the grocery store with Mommy and we had lots of fun :)

These two would seriously swing all day every day if we let them, they just absolutely love it! Daddy and Mommy are ready for them to learn to pump :)

All 3 boys helped me make some chocolate chip cookies. It definitely takes a lot of patience having them all help, but we had fun.
They all were pretty excited to each get their own spatula :)

Micah making himself comfortable while "cleaning off" the mixer paddle

Jonathan was having problems with his shorts this day. I got them at a garage sale and they don't have a size tag on them anymore. I thought they were 2T but from the looks of it I'm guessing they're 3T, maybe even 4T :)

Steve and I got to go to the WhiteCaps game Monday night with a bunch of other pastors and their wives from our Classis. We had a great time visiting with the others and taking in a great game!

This is what my house looks like when it's raining outside and you're stuck inside all day (okay, honestly this is what my house looks like most of the time :)) 

So we busied ourselves with painting (these Do-A-Dot paint sticks are awesome! If you're looking for a gift for a 2-4 year old, I highly recommend them, you can get them at Michaels).
Micah absolutely loves painting, poor Steve, his office is getting filled with all of Micah's artwork :)

I also plugged a microphone into my amp and put a delayed effect on and let the boys have fun with it. They did :)
This just makes me smile. Micah loves to sing and I love it when he picks up on the music I'm playing and sings along. Or sometimes he just randomly starts singing a song we heard on the radio the day before. Like Sunday. We got home from church and I was getting lunch ready and he just starts sing "I believe in God the Father, I believe in Jesus Christ..." it was a song we had heard on the radio they day before. I love it that he has these songs in his head!

The boys all got new shoes and David's were the last to come. He was very excited about his new tennis shoes :) (Of course if I was wearing shoes that were a whole size too small I'd probably be excited for new ones too :)).

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  1. Always love all the pictures :)! Tells a great story and your captions add even more humor to some of the pictures :)