Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 7.8.15

More fun was had over here at the Bussis household this past week. These boys keep us busy but it makes life fun. :)
We took a trip to the playground at the library (we've had chilly mornings this past week, hence the sweatshirt :))

I let the boys check out a couple of books at the library for the first time. David and Jonathan don't always treat paper books with the most care so I haven't felt comfortable borrowing a library book, but I decided to let them try and they have done really well with the books. Micah and David had to check them out immediately after arriving home. I just think this is the sweetest picture :)

These 3 boys LOVE to color! Especially Micah. One day this week he got up from his nap and I was working on something so he started painting with his Do-A-Dot paints and he seriously sat at the kitchen table for an hour and painted. Needless to say our house and Steve's office are full of his masterpieces :)

We went to a park with a splash pad with a friend of ours. It was a fairly cool morning so I didn't put the boys' bathing suits on or take towels along and I told the boys it was too cold to play in the water. Obviously I need to learn that if there is water, no matter the temperature of the water or the air, my boys are going to get wet. :)

The last haircut I gave the boys I did a horrible job :) So even thought it really wasn't time for a haircut, as their hair grew it became more and more evident what a horrible job I had done, so Thursday night I decided to just cut it again. They all look much better. :) And this time they even let me cut it outside which made cleanup much easier.

They all were very good boys for their haircuts so their reward was ice cream with M&Ms :)

Happy 4th of July! The boys got to stay overnight at Grandpa & Grandma's Friday night and then we met them for breakfast Saturday morning. I had just quick thrown some clothes for them in a bag to take with, it wasn't till I took this picture that I picked out the right colors for the 4th :)
After breakfast Steve and the boys and his parents took a bike ride to the Holland beach. (I hurt myself riding bike the week before so I opted to just meet them there :), thankfully Dad Bussis was willing to pull Micah)

Trying to get a picture of them riding while I drove by

Hanging out at the beach by myself while I wait for the riders to get there

And of course, what do my boys do first thing? Go on the swings :)
Swinging at the beach, it doesn't get much better than this

Even Steve joined in on the fun :)
The water was freezing cold but of course these boys still had to feel it
And of course Micah ended up in to his waist :)
Attempt at a family picture :)
The boys cooperated better when it was a stranger taking our picture :)
At night the boys played in their pool. And I had gotten them a slide that fit over the side so they could slide into the pool.

I think they like it :)
Hanging out with Daddy
Me and my Jonathan
Growing up my family always made homemade ice cream for the 4th of July. Here Micah is helping keep that family tradition alive!
Jonathan enjoying the finished product


Micah was very happy with the ice cream we made
Doing some more coloring/painting on Sunday afternoon
My adorable shopping buddy (David)

Monday we went to a park so the boys could play and Steve and Micah could play some Frisbee Golf

And of course we had to spend some time on the swings

We brought lunch along which the boys thought was pretty fun
David thought he needed a soul patch :)(It's really just Oreo cookie drool :))

Tuesday was Steve's birthday so I took the boys to the mall and let Micah pick out a few things for Daddy. he picked a bright orange shirt and new tennis balls :)

I told the boys if they were good while we shopped they could play for awhile...they were good :)

We picked up Buffalo Wild Wings for Steve for lunch and the boys got these crowns which they thought were pretty fun

The birthday boy enjoying his wings

I got my hair cut this morning so I dropped the boys off at the house of a lady from church and while there Micah put this train together all by himself! He was very proud of himself a needed a picture so he could show Daddy :)

This little guy is 4 1/2 today!!! Which means I have just over 6 months to go because I'm due a week after Micah turns 5! I cant decided if that seems like forever away or not so far away:)
Speaking of the baby...
Thought Id share this picture I took for my mom and sister. Let me remind you all that I am only 12 weeks!! I am very anxious for my doctor's appointment Friday when I'll hopefully find out just how many babies are in that growing bump :)

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