Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 12.16.15

Had another good week over here in the Bussis' household. Although the twins have decided they are done with naps which mommy is just not okay with. The only time they took a nap this past week was when I put one in their room and one in the nursery (we still had the side off the crib). They do okay every once in a while if they don't sleep, but it starts to catch up with them if it's a few days in a row with no nap, so we might just have to separate them every once in a while. Unfortunately we finally put the crib back together on Monday to get ready for the baby, so that's no longer an option. I'm going to see today if I can get one to sleep in my bed, we'll see how that goes. Because more than them needing a nap, this pregnant mamma really needs one today and it's really hard to fall asleep when I hear them bouncing around in their room. :) At least Micah when he doesn't sleep just lays in bed and plays quietly :). But other than naps they continue to be so much fun and really play nice together.
You can't really see it in his hand but one of the workers putting in our new doors gave Jonathan a part that went with the old doorknob and he thought it was a rocket and thinks it's just the coolest toy :)

We ended up right by where Steve's mom works so we decided to pop in and say hi. The boys had to check out her chair :)

Snack time

We went to the mall on Friday for the boys to do some Christmas shopping. They were so good and quick deciders, so they had time to play

Trying to get these boys to stay still for a picture is just impossible

David has decided my big belly makes a great pillow :)

Playing some Wii Sports

We had to set up the sound system at church for a congregational meeting and the boys loved getting to talk into the microphone

Steve told me Sunday morning he had to turn the microphone volume up because it had been set for our boys who decide they need to yell into the microphone. :)

We had a bit of a stressful weekend, so Monday we decided we needed to just go have some fun. So we let the boys skip their naps (since they rarely sleep anyways) and we went bowling as a family (well, they all bowled, I watched :))

Celebrating their success at getting pins down

He's pretty proud that he can throw the ball all by himself

Even blurry, look at that form :)
They watched very intently when it wasn't their turn

These silly boys always want to play in the refrigerated section at Costco. And every time they bump their heads on the metal shelves while trying to climb back there. But does it stop them? NO! :)

They eventually got over it and started hugging each other...

which of course turns into some form of wrestling :)

They were really good in Costco and lucky for them, their mommy was getting hungry, so even thought it was only 10:30 in the morning, we thought we all deserved a berry sundae. :) It is frozen yogurt and strawberries are good for you, and we all split one, so it really wasn't that bad, right? :)

They thought they were so funny putting their socks on their hands instead of their feet

They did yoga this morning in storytime. It was highly entertaining for the parents

And then we came home and I was talking on the phone with my sister and walked in the living room to discover this. I guess there was a few books they wanted to read. :)

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