Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 12.9.15

I can't believe that I just typed the date in the title of this blog of December 9! Oh my goodness, how is it December 9 already?! I feel like the past few months have just flown by. And I don't really see it slowing down anytime soon. Before we know it January 15 will be here and then probably a week later :), the baby will be here! Craziness! But even though time has gone by quickly, I feel like we really haven't done a whole lot. :) We have our normal weekly things, storytime at the library, Bible study, but then we spend a lot of time at home, which we've been doing a lot of baking lately. And they boys have really come to truly enjoy playing together and I have to say, the past couple of weeks while we still have fights and tears, it has gotten so much better! It's so fun to just watch them play or even just listening to them play. They love to chase each other and even though we've had a few bumps, bruises and bloody noses, they get right back up and keep on chasing each other. :) I don't know if I will ever fully understand boys, even after having 3 (maybe 4), they just have to be rough and crazy all the time. :) But they have so much fun doing it, the smiles and giggles that come out of them make me try really hard to shut my mouth and just let them play. :)

I am not a crafty person, so I just had to show you these adorable sock snowmen I made at GEMS, I'm quite proud of them :) and very thankful for a co-leader who is very much crafty so the girls can make cute stuff

Our big event for the week was going to pick out a Christmas tree! The boys are at such a fun age where this is a big deal to them and they loved getting to help pick it out

Watching them tie it up so it's be easier to take home in our van

Putting on ornaments

All decorated!!

Saturday morning I went over to church to practice for Sunday and when I came home I found this, all three just playing nicely together on the couch. It was so cute and made this mommy smile

They love playing with Daddy

Micah didn't want to come with me to the grocery store Monday morning, so Jonathan got to come and while he was not the helper Micah is, he was highly entertaining :)

We finally got the Christmas lights up outside

Remember how I said the bumps and bruises :). So while I was putting up the decorations outside the boys were out there with Steve chasing each other. Steve would run backwards as they tried to catch him and then turn and run. So David decided to try that and was running backwards and turned right into a tree :) But it hasn't slowed him down in the least

My baking assistant. No idea why he made this face :). We were taking a picture to send my Mom to tell her he needed a new apron so he didn't have to wear mommy's (my Mom made him one probably 3 years ago that's a little small now :)) and this was the face I got :)

Cutting out our Christmas cookies. It was so cute, Saturday I was watching The Pioneer Woman and Micah loves to watch it with me. She made these Christmas cookies and Micah told me he really wanted to make them. So we did :). And they turned out really cute, are delicious, and are making great Christmas treats for our Children's librarian, Little Lambs leaders, and anyone else we need to give something to. :)

I did eventually lose my helpers :). Of course, given the fact that David and Jonathan were just getting flour on their hands and then clapping and watching the flour go everywhere, I wasn't too disappointed :)

They did come back to taste test :)

And put the sprinkles on
But yes, they turned out very cute!

And that's all I got. :) Steve and I did get to go out to dinner and to the play "The Christmas Story Musical" on Friday night with friends. It was so nice to catch up with our friends and the play was so cute. It was based on the movie "The Christmas Story" and was just really fun. And then last night I got to go to the Michael W. Smith Christmas concert with the Grand Rapids Symphony with a lady from church. It was awesome!! But unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures :). But I'm guessing you'd rather see pictures of our adorable children than us anyways. :)

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