Thursday, January 28, 2016

Introducing...Miss Anna Leona!!!- 1.28.16

The wait is over!!! She needed an eviction notice :), but she is finally here! And she's a SHE!! I was quite surprised, I really thought I was having a boy. But God decided to give us a girl this time. So without further ado...
Here is our sweet Anna Leona,
born Saturday, January 23 at 8:53am
She came into the world weighing 9lb 11oz

And was 20 1/2 inches long
So here's how it all went (well not all, I'll spare you some details :)): I went to my doctors appointment last Friday afternoon ready to be done! I had a non-stress test which went well and then the doctor came in and asked what I wanted to do. I said "have this baby now!" :) I wanted to try for a VBAC and normally they won't induce you for one, but he said if I wanted to try to be induced he was okay with it. So I said "Can we go to the hospital now?" :) He called over and they had room for me to come in that night. So after dinner Steve and I headed to the hospital. It's pretty crazy that with 4 kids, we've never had to rush to the hospital, I've been induced with all of them (I must have a very comfortable womb, they never want to leave :)). So they started me on Pitocin at 10:45pm, my water broke on it's own just before 4am, and Anna entered the world at 8:53am. It really wasn't a bad labor (I got an epidural right after my water broke, with a VBAC they want you to get it sooner rather than later because often times it ends up with an crash csection and if you don't have an epidural they have to put you out), just the pushing part I wasn't sure would ever end. Before Anna, Micah was my biggest baby at 7lb 2oz, so she was a lot more difficult to get out. :) But thankfully I only had to push for about 20 minutes and she was here.
Getting her official weigh in. I knew she was quite a bit bigger thank my boys when they handed her to me, but I was not expecting them to say 9 pounds 11 ounces :)

Daddy getting to hold her for the first time (as you can see they weren't ready with a hat big enough for her head :))

Close up
Cuddles with Mommy
Getting to meet Grandma Vanden Heuvel. My mom didn't get to meet my other kids until they were 10 days old, so it was so special for her to get to meet Anna in the hospital, the day she was born!
The boys getting to meet Anna. Micah and Jonathan were a little unsure about all of it. David was super excited about the baby! 

Getting to hold Anna
Our silly David

As you can see Micah just isn't so sure about this

Starting to warm up to her.
My mom told me that as soon as they got out of the hospital Micah asked her why they hadn't given Anna bath yet. Another change the hospital has made it they don't give babies a bath until 12-24 hours after they were born to keep their temperature more regulated. So she did really look kind of dirty, especially her hair. And Micah was very upset about this. He told my mom that mommy's tummy must be very dirty inside. :) So I think that had something to do with his uneasiness. :)
Our first attempt at a family picture. I think it probably accurately depicts how everyone was feeling :) 
But then we got a nicer one :) It's still hard to believe we have 4 kids, yikes! :)

Night time cuddles with Mommy. I was a little worried how the night would go. With my other kids I always sent them to the nursery at night so I could get some sleep after going through labor and before going home, I'm going to be up with her in through the night for the forseeable future, so get the sleep now, right? Well, since having the twins my hospital has done away with the nursery! Not cool!! So I had to have her in my room (and of course I found this out after Steve had already gone home, otherwise he would have stayed). But actually, she did awesome!!
It was just her and me Sunday morning so we decided to do a little photo shoot :)

Anna meeting Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma Vanden Heuvel

All ready to go home! Since I had to have her in my room at night anyways, and we were both doing really well, I decided to go home a day early (at our house she sleeps in her own room :)).
So that was Anna's entrance into our family. It seemed like a very long pregnancy, very uncomfortable at the end (of course, now I know that was because I was carrying a very large baby :)), but it all seems worth it now.
But before she came, it just seemed like it would never end. :) We did a lot of waiting around, but my mom was here a little before so that helped. 
Micah was very excited to have Grandma here

We had to move the "spare room" to the basement since the twins now are in what was our old spare room, but the boys love hanging out in Grandma's room :)

They've done lots of reading down there

And take silly pictures on Grandma's computer

We did some clown parades

Played some games

And now we're just doing life with 3 crazy boys and this sweet girl :) She really is a good baby!

And the boys just absolutely love her. Micah wanted to read her his Caps for Sale book


Micah feeding her a bottle for the first time

Daddy's pretty smitten with Anna too

Jonathan reading to Anna
They all love getting to hold her

 David "holding" her for the first time

Jonathan's first time holding her
We are so thankful to the Lord for blessing our family with Anna Leona. She is so sweet and we love her to pieces. Not sure how she's going to survive in this crazy house of boys, but I'm sure she'll manage. :)

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