Monday, January 18, 2016

Life with the Bussis'- 1.18.16- Still Waiting :)

Yep, we're still waiting over here, this baby has not yet decided to grace us with his/her presence. :) Micah is just amazed how the baby gets to decide when s/he comes, I think he feels like he doesn't get to decide when we do things. :) But I then tell him that he made us wait 10 days after his due date so he has no room to talk. :) But even though we haven't met this little one in person yet, s/he definitely still makes his/her presence known. I don't think it's normal for a baby to be able to move this much at 40 weeks, but because my last pregnancy was twins, this baby has more room than most, so s/he enjoys doing this:

And in case you're wondering, yes, it is very uncomfortable for a baby to move inside you like that. :) So we will see what this week brings.
So we haven't done a whole lot this past week. The boys continue in their obsession with Paw Patrol :)
Jonathan was very excited to get to play with Micah's new Marshall pup

Getting to watch an episode down in the basement while our house was getting cleaned. And yes, I would definitely choose sitting inside a footrest instead of that nice comfortable chair behind him :)

Reading Micah's new Paw Patrol Look and Find book (as you can see, Micah was gone this morning, he had gotten to spend the night at his grandparents after his birthday party, so the twins took advantage of getting to play with his new stuff :))
Micah has been having lots of fun playing with all the new things he got for his birthday. He got this floor puzzle from Steve's grandma and was very excited to put it together

It always cracks me up how both Jonathan and David enjoy sitting on the arm rest of the couch :)

Trying to take a picture of my adorable cowboys who don't like to stand still :)

When they do stand still for you, they refuse to smile :)

Helping Mommy play Dominos with Micah

They sat up here for about 15 minutes just talking and playing, it was so cute!

They love having Daddy read to them

On one of the Paw Patrol episodes they watched they talked about a treasure hunt, so Micah decided he wanted to make a treasure hunt for his brothers. It was so cute! I don't know that his brothers fully appreciated it, but it was so fun to watch him put together. He's since done quite a few treasure hunts with Daddy, both putting a hunt together (drawing the clues) and figuring out clues Steve drew for him.
For his clues he draws something in the house, his dresser, the basketball hoop downstairs, the crib, etc. and that is where the next clue is until you end up at the treasure. These were some of his clues :)

We had a beautiful day last week, it was almost 40 degrees and sunny! So the boys definitely don't miss out on an opportunity to go play in the snow

And I took advantage of the nice weather and walked up and down the street for an hour, trying to inspire this baby to come out. It didn't work, but I did get some good exercise and nice fresh air :)

The boys even made a snowman!

Micah is quite the colorer

On our way to pick up Grandma from the airport!! We were hoping to introduce her to our baby, yeah, that didn't happen. :) Hopefully the baby decides to make an appearance while she is here :). Come on baby, we really want to meet you!!!!
And since I'm hoping this is my last blog post as a family of 5, I'll finally share our family pictures we took a couple of months ago. :) 

It didn't start very well :)

Continuing to not go so great :) (We really entertained that people walking by :))

Can you tell Steve and I are a little fed up with our children?

So let's just do a little racing

Good enough :)

We have loved being a family of 5 the past 3 years. Our boys bring us joy everyday! But we are now looking forward to being a family of 6 and seeing how much joy this next child will add to our family (hopefully s/he is prepared for a lot of love and craziness :))!

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