Friday, January 8, 2016

Life with the Bussis'- 1.8.15- Micah's 5th Birthday!!

Five years ago today this little guy made me a mommy!
And now he's a big 5 year old!!
It's hard to believe he is 5! He brings so much joy to our lives, we just can't imagine life without him. He is a great big brother (although he does get a little bossy at time but hey, someone has to be in charge, right? :)), a huge helper to his mommy, especially now when she has this big belly that prevents her from being able to do some things or just plain gets tired. :) He is kind and loving, always ready to give a hug or tell you he loves you. He loves to color and paint, he loves playing with his trains, planes, cars, out in the snow, riding his bike. He inherited his parents' competitiveness, not wanting to do something that he might not win (we're trying to work on that :)), he loves playing many sports, especially golf, as well as board games. He loves reading books, going to Sunday school and Little Lambs and storytime at the library. He's just a great kid to get to spend every day with! Happy Birthday Micah!!!
Here are some of his 5 year old pictures (taken in California):

Me and my big guy!
And on to our week: 
We did had our annual New Year's Day bowling outing with some of Steve's Dad's family. The boys were pretty excited about it

Mommy just sat and watched so they took turns coming to hang out with me

David charging in our Jonathan and my picture :)

Such a typical David smile, my little stinker :)

Micah and his cousin Bentley always have fun together

This little stinker (yes, this is David) sometimes takes about a half hour to eat his breakfast and vitamin, and thinks he's just hilarious doing it!

Of course that's what those baskets are meant for (no wonder they're all breaking!)

But they were just having so much fun doing it :)

A pillow fight broke out. And I couldn't really say anything because I'm pretty sure the biggest boy there is the one who started it :)
The boys played in the snow for a long time on Monday (mommy just watched from inside :))

They LOVE sliding down the hill!

I'm not a big fan of pictures of me while I'm pregnant, but just incase you're wondering what I look like, here is me at 38 1/2 weeks, very much ready for this baby to come (can you tell from the look on my face? :))!!!

I went to go get a pedicure (in hopes of maybe getting contractions going, it didn't work but at least I have nice toes now) and came home to this. We just love Miss Barb! She is always willing to watch the boys while I go to my appointments and even so I can just go get a pedicure! What a blessing she is to our family!

Since the twins took over our guest room, we had to set up the basement as our new guest room. We are all ready for Grandma to come whenever this baby decides to make an appearance!

Micah has discovered he loves to play Dominos. Steve and I got Mexican Train Dominos for Christmas and we've been playing it at night with Micah after the twins go to bed (they haven't napped in days, always using nap time to play incredibly hard, so they've been going to bed pretty early each night, giving us time to play games with Micah before he goes to bed :))

They did this song at the library where they had to use egg shakers, think David was shaking it fast? :)

Since we need to eat all the food in our freezer before we move (I had a turkey in there) and since I'm trying to inspire this baby to come out, I decided to make a turkey for dinner the other night, stuffed and all :) It was quite delicious and now we have lots of leftovers for creamed turkey and turkey pot pie!

After a day of taking the boys to the library, going to Costco, making a turkey dinner, I was pretty tired the next day, and the boys must have known because they just all played nicely and let mommy rest!

I think they love each other :)

Micah is very proud that he can make his own bed (isn't that the coolest quilt! Miss Barb made it for him!)

I asked Micah what he wanted for his birthday party as far as cake went and he requested chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting and mini peanut butter cups. And then he helped me make them!

Another thing Micah loves to do is puzzles and he got 3 Planes puzzles for his birthday from my sister, so he had lots of fun putting them together.

It was the first thing he wanted to do this morning when he woke up, make another puzzle. And amazingly I helped him a little with the border and then he did the whole middle by himself!

I had a doctor's appointment this morning so Micah came along with me so he could get to hear the baby's heartbeat and then after my appointment I took him out to lunch. But before going to lunch we went to Meijer and I let him pick out a toy for his birthday. He and twins have recently become obsessed with Paw Patrol so he was very excited to get a Marshall.

He got to pick where he wanted to go for lunch and he picked McDonalds (or Old McDonalds as he likes to call it).

I loved getting to have a little date with my birthday boy!!!

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