Friday, January 1, 2016

Life with the Bussis'- 1.1.16 Happy New Year!

Well, we have had a very busy, yet fun last week. And it must have been so fun and so busy that I did a terrible job of taking pictures of all the fun we had. :) My brain isn't working at it's fullest capacity these days :), we'll just blame it on that. So I'll just have to tell you how much fun we had. :) We spent lots of time with family, ate lots of good food, just pretty much had a great time all week.

Excited on the way to one of our parties

Me with some of my cousins at my extended family's Christmas

The boys got lots of fun toys and games. Here the twins are playing a fishing game they got from my grandparents. They are so excited to have their own fishing poles and go fishing :)

Micah got a couple sets of Legos. Not sure who was more excited about it. Him...
Or Steve :)

While all my boys were busy playing with their new toys, I just sat and watched them all while trying on my new scarf :) 

At the Bussis extended family Christmas Micah got to make a Christmas tree out of an ice cream cone. He was pretty proud of it!

My helper at the grocery store. It was pretty cold outside so he bundled up to come help mommy (this is Jonathan by the way :))

The boys also got lots of books for Christmas, so we have spent a good amount of time the past week reading those.
Micah helping me make Death By Chocolate for one of our parties.

Our finished product (pretty and incredibly delicious!)

We got some snow this past week and Micah REALLY wanted to play in it, but couldn't convince either of his parents to go out with him, so he gladly just played by himself on the back patio. This kid loves snow (his mother does not understand at all :))
Micah got this mask making kit at one of our parties and was excited to get to make it
Finished design, our super hero :)

The boys continue to love playing with all their airplanes from the movie Planes. 
Now that we've made it through the holidays we're finally realizing we probably should get ready for this baby to come :). We finally have an infant car seat :). Our infant car seat is expiring in June (love how you can't make it through all you kids with one seat, even when you have them all within 5 years of each other!), so friends from church let us have theirs that they are now done with and will get us through the whole first year of this child. So we can now bring our baby home from the hospital!
Got a new cover for the Boppy

Got a new diaper bag (Micah took this picture :))
And got a newborn boy and girl outfit to take the baby home from the hospital in. I realized that the twins must have really worn through all their newborn clothes, because I had I think 1 newborn outfit in storage, and I had a $10 off $10 coupon at JCPenny, so I decided it would be fun to just get a boy and girl sleeper to be prepared. It was so much fun to pick out, I hadn't done that with my other boys. This morning I just sat in the nursery looking at those sleepers wondering first off when are we going to use one of these, and secondly, which one are we going to use?! I'm getting so anxious to meet this little one!! But thankfully we're a little more prepared now so whenever he/she decides to make an appearance, we're ready!!
Steve and I also celebrated our 7th anniversary this past week. And what a guy, he got me flowers and a card, and me, the absentminded wife forgot to even get a card. :) He also took me out to dinner and to a movie. I really did pick a winner :). Like today, while I sat in the recliner (taking down the Christmas tree wore me out :)), without asking him to he vacuumed the whole upstairs and stairs! What a guy!!
And now we look forward to 2016, an exciting year for us where we will welcome another child into our family and move to a new place! I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!!

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