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Anna's Weekly Update- 3.13.16


David wanted in on Anna's pictures

Then he said "Mommy, take one of just me" :) And who could resist that smile? :)

And one more :)
Weight- don't know, they packed my Wii balance board before I could weigh her :)
Anna had a much better week. Her cold finally seems to have gone away so she is eating and sleeping much better which makes Mommy much happier. She ever had one night of 8 1/2 hours straight and one of 9!! Those were wonderful! But then she went back to waking up in the middle of the night, so not a consistent sleep through the night child yet, but we are getting closer!! She continues to melt our hearts with her smile and she has a lot more times of being content on her own. We've discovered she actually prefers to be on the changing pad or the floor to being held. So we'll see how this week goes, she's going to spend lots of hours in her car seat with our 25 hour drive to Montana, could be interesting. :)

This past Sunday was our last Sunday at our church here. They had a potluck after the service and at it gave all of us cowboy hats to get us ready to live in Montana. Mine was pink! :) I love it!

They even got Anna a little pink one. Of course her brother broke the string before she even had a chance to wear it, those brothers!

All ready for church at night (she pooped through her cute dress in the morning :), lovely I know, so she got to be a rebel and wear jeans to church at night)
Another thing they did at the potluck was a magic show which they kids loved (it was geared towards the kids :)). Well, after church at night Micah wanted to put on a magic show for us, so here David is waiting for the show to start

Jonathan quick shoved whatever he was eating into his mouth to come watch the show
Tapping his "wand" that he drew and cut out over his new cowboy hat

And out comes a fire truck! :) It's so fun to watch Micah recreate things he sees around him
Our smiley girl feeling much better

I love this picture, she looks like she's not so sure about that brother of hers

But then she realizes David is going to be her best buddy :)

At her 2 month appointment, at 6 weeks :) I had asked her doctor at her 4 day appointment if it was possible for her to get her shots early so we didn't have to try to find a doctor immediately after getting to Montana and he said she could get them at 6 weeks, so we got those taken care of before we left. I'll try to remember what her stats were as those too got packed. She was 11 lb 15 oz which was in the 94% and then she was 23" long which was in the 86%, I believe, it was something close to that. :) She had gotten a rash on her face which had a super scientific name that I can't remember, but it's worse than eczema so he told me a cream I could get at the drug store and it cleared it up in a couple of days. He also told me that the red mark she has on her head is not a birth mark but something else with a super scientific name that I can't remember :). He said it may get a little bigger, but eventually it will start to get smaller and by around 2 years it will go away completely. Other than that he said she was doing great!!

Micah was very proud of how he had lined up his cars

It was so nice outside they got one last time riding their bikes in our driveway. Unfortunately for Micah we traded his bike for a car seat (don't feel too bad, he's getting a new one when we get to Montana:)), so he had to ride the small tricycle, but from his face in the picture he doesn't look too upset

I just love that face!!

She definitely talks the most for Steve. It's just so cute to watch the two of them together!

The movers came to pack on Wednesday morning so by then, everything that I needed to do was done, so I was able to take the boys to the library for storytime one last time. And it was so nice outside that we were able to then play on the playground, which was great because it really was best if the boys weren't in the house while they were packing, so we killed some time on the playground

She was crying one day and I was going to give her a bath. As soon as I put her on the table and took her clothes off she was happy as can be :)

Thursday morning to get out of the house we went to Meijer Garden to see the butterflies with Miss Barb

We started off by checking out the caterpillars

Finding the caterpillars in the plants
And then it was on to the butterflies

Notice how tense Micah's shoulders are :) He was quite freaked out by the butterflies, but I can kind of understand because they would make me flinch when they flew right by my face and I know they aren't going to hurt me :) 

Jonathan was very enthralled by the butterfly pamphlet 

My attempt at getting a picture of all 3 of them

After the butterfly exhibit we went outside to the children's garden which they loved

I think they're favorite part of it was the big sandbox

Getting to dress up like butterflies

After Meijer Garden the boys went to Steve's parents house to stay overnight and hang out Friday while the movers pack up the moving truck (they don't want kids around while they're moving stuff out of the house). So Anna and I got to hang out with Daddy all day Friday. It really was the first time since Anna was born that I felt like I really had nothing to do but pay attention to her. It was pretty fun, except I wanted to snuggle and she would rather lay on the changing pad :) Silly girl!

Our moving truck! For as much stuff as we had, amazingly we only filled up just over half, they really know how to pack those things!

The last of our things getting put in

Her crib was in the moving truck and her pack n play was packed up ready to go in the van, so she got to nap for a bit on her changing pad on the counter :)

Last look at our church!

Last picture with our first parsonage!

We stayed at Steve's parents house over the weekend and went to the children's museum Saturday morning with them and Steve's siblings and their kids

I think Steve's going to have lots of helpers washing the vehicles this summer

Even Anna got to go to the Children's museum. As you can see she was very impressed :)

The bubbles are always one of their favorite parts

It was so nice outside they got to take a golf cart ride with Grandpa and Grandma!

And so that's a wrap on our adventure in Coopersville! It was a great place to live and a wonderful church to be a part of!
This picture was taken about a month after we moved to Coopersville. We came with just the two of us...
and we leave as a family of 6!!
And now to begin our Montana adventure....!!!
(Well, after our 25 hour drive out there :))


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