Saturday, March 26, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 3.26.16- Week 9


Weight: 13 pounds
Anna has had a very good week. I feel like she's finally adjusted to life here (finally, seriously, we've only been here a week :)). She's much less fussy when awake and she's sleeping great. She even slept past 7am twice this week!! Those were nice nights. Then she went back to waking up between 6 and 6:30 which let's be real, is still pretty awesome. :) She's eating well too, she wants to eat about every 2 hours during the day, but I don't mind if she's going 8-9 hours at night. She also takes a 3-3 1/2 hour nap in the afternoon (while the boys "nap" so I get some nice quiet time). And as David would say, "She's just so cute!" Actually, he would say "he's just so cute" because he can never get his pronouns straight :).
The boys are also adjusting to life here. We didn't have very nice weather this past week so we spent a lot of time indoors, but they handled it pretty well. They also did well the 2 times other people were watching them. A lady from church came with her 3 kids to watch them so Steve and I could run some errands one morning and then another lady called on Thursday morning and said that her husband had a meeting that night and she didn't have anything to do, so she wondered if Steve and I would like to go out just the two of us. Of course we quickly said yes! :) So she came and stayed with all 4 kids, so sweet! It's hard not being by any family, but the congregation is so wonderful at taking care of and loving us!!
This is how we do dinner when Daddy stays after church for youth group, with Anna on the table. :)

She didn't mind :)
She loves to stick her tongue out

The boys playing "lions"

This is the view from our Costco, pretty amazing!

She got new bedding for her new "girl" room, love it!!

Making some pudding for dessert

And then getting to eat the pudding

No pudding for Anna, just cuddles with Mommy

Eating breakfast at the counter. They're pretty big fans of getting to eat there

David just can't ever leave Anna alone

Play a new game

Anna can't even get alone time while taking a bath :)

Painting time

Steve's mom sent the boys these capsules that you put in the water and a sponge comes out. We decided to use the sponges to paint with, turned out pretty cool I think.

Love me some Anna snuggles (which usually only happen when she's sleeping :))

Our guest room is all set up, so we are open for visitors :)

Of course your brother is a horse who needs to give your rides :)

All ready for Good Friday service.

Can I just say, girls are so much fun to dress :)

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