Monday, March 21, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 3.20.16- We made it to Montana!!!


Weight: 12.8 pounds
We all had a crazy week of traveling from Michigan to Montana. So Anna's schedule has been off and we're slowly getting back into normal life. She did really well on our trip, still only waking up once a night usually between 5 and 6. Even after sleeping most of the day in her car seat, she still slept at night just fine. She is now up to 4 ounces for all her bottles (7 a day). And just cute as can be!! :) We love our Anna!
As for the rest of us, we made it to Montana!! The boys also did so well! Each of us except Steve had a meltdown at some point :) but they didn't last long and seriously, it was a long week, who wouldn't have a meltdown :).
The boys were very excited to get to play with the Paw Patrol Action Pups I had gotten for them for our trip. They found the empty box after I took them out and were so excited to leave for Montana so they could finally play with them. :) As we were saying goodbye to Steve's family and everyone was kind of sad I told Jonathan it was time to leave and he at the top of his lungs yelled "I'm so excited to move to Montana!!" :) I explained to Steve's brother that really he was just excited to play with his Paw Patrol Pups, he really had no idea what it meant to be moving to Montana.

Every time we stopped to eat we'd sit in a booth and let Anna stretch out on it which she greatly enjoyed

Two of the nights we stayed in a hotel with a pool which the boys of course loved

Anna and I hanging out watching the boys swim

David has become quite the swimmer (with his puddle jumper on)

Getting ready for bed (they didn't all sleep in the bed :), just two of them which amazingly went fine)

Watching Paw Patrol in the morning

The boys were pretty excited to get to eat at the hotel and get to pick whatever they wanted
We stayed with some friends in Iowa for two nights to take a break from driving and get to spend time with them. It was so fun to see Micah and Caleb play together. The boys had so much fun playing with pretty much all their toys :)

Anna enjoyed the break from the van too

Such great daddys

While the Dads watched the kids I got to go to Steph's core workout class she teaches. Yeah, what was I thinking doing a hard core workout 7 weeks after having a baby when I haven't done anything since having that baby. :) I wasn't sore the next day which made me wonder if I really did anything at the class. Then the next day the soreness hit :) But it was so much fun getting to watch Steph teach and maybe inspired me to actually start exercising. :)
Thanks so much Chris and Steph for letting us crash your house (they also have 4 kids, so it was a full house :)). We had so much fun getting to spend time with you guys!!

And we're on the road again!

Lunch time, time to stretch
The hotel we stayed at in South Dakota had a slide which the boys thought was pretty cool, until they got to the top, then the were too scared to go down so Steve had to climb up and show them it wasn't scary :) This slide was definitely meant for kids

Micah braved the slide and realized it was really fun. I don't have any picture of the twins coming down because I had to climb up and push them down in order to get them down :)
Anna chilling by the pool
Jonathan preferred just hanging out on the steps

David preferred swimming around

This little girl has a pretty strong neck, she thinks she's pretty big stuff sitting up

And we're on the road for one last day!!

Lunch time stretching break

And we made it to Montana!!!!

The church had a grocery shower for us, so we were blessed with a full pantry when we got there!

Our moving truck made it!!

Anna's pretty excited to be in her new house

There were a lot of boxes to unpack! Thankfully a couple of ladies who helped me unpack all the kitchen stuff (which let's face it, is almost half of our stuff :)) so we're well on our way to getting everything unpacked

Our first meal together at our new house!!

Yesterday I decided that we had already unpacked the essential boxes and I hadn't cuddled much with Anna in the past couple weeks, to Anna and mommy did lots of cuddling!

The boys were very excited to test out the new living room by rolling all around it. :)

And one last picture of our cutie sleeping away!

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  1. Hey just catching up on your blog and life! We love the new pictures, and Caleb wants Micah to come play again! So....does Friday work? It was soooo good to see you again! Miss you!