Saturday, March 5, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- Week 6- 3.4.16



Weight: 12.6 pounds
Anna had a rough week (which means Mommy had a rough week too). Her silly cold caused her to not want to eat, so feeding her has been quite the chore this past week. It also meant that she didn't eat as much which meant she didn't sleep as long through the night. Last week I said she was consistently waking up only once. Yeah, starting Saturday night she reverted back to waking up twice a night, and not always then wanting to eat. Thankfully yesterday she started eating pretty good again and even slept from 9:30 till 5:45!! So mommy got a much needed long stretch of sleep! Hoping it continues! We have a pretty busy, slightly stressful week (the movers come Wednesday to start packing us up and the moving truck comes Friday!), so we really need our sleep. And we really, really need to get over these colds! They just are hanging on!

My cute cowboy ready for church

This shows you how she felt a lot of the week :)

Although once I took her clothes off she was much happier

We used some Christmas money to buy a dual DVD player for the van. Hoping it makes our 25 hours of driving time more enjoyable. Micah was very impressed that it played the same thing on both screens

I've been cleaning out/organizing all my music in the office (which is a ridiculous amount) and was pretty excited to find my pitch pipe (yes, I truly am a music nerd :))

David is very fond of his sister. He just can help himself, he has to be by her as much as possible
Steve decided to teach Micah how to play Monopoly. He had no idea the Monopoly monster he was going to create :). I'm pretty sure they've played it at least 5 times this past week.

Watching Daddy and Micah play Monopoly

We knew she was starting to feel better when she gave us smiles again

He didn't think he needed to sleep during nap time, and then he fell asleep on the floor right before dinner :) Silly David!

As you can see Anna is as excited about Mommy's 6 week doctor's appointment as Mommy was :)
After my appointment we had some shopping to do. She did much better this time than the last time I took her shopping.

Me and the boys were suppose to go to the Children's Museum with some friends yesterday. I got us all ready, buckled everyone in, drove off the driveway and wondered why it sounded so weird. I pulled over, got out of the van and discovered we had a completely flat front tire :( So back in the driveway we went

That was one flat tire!

David always wants to help out, so here he is "helping" Daddy put the spare tire on. So not the fun morning we were planning on, but very thankful this didn't happen when we are in the middle of nowhere on our way to Montana!

So Micah decided he wanted to make his own Monopoly game. So had colored a board and made money and houses and game pieces. It's quite extensive. It's very fun to see his little mind work creating his game. And he enjoys getting to make his own rules :)
Playing his game with Daddy

Taking an evening snooze in Mommy's arms

Saying thank you to Uncle Robert for her shirt :)

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