Saturday, April 30, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 4.30.16- 14 Weeks



Weight: 15.4 pounds
Anna had a couple big things this week. For one I switched her over to Kirkland formula instead of Similac Sensitive. Kirkland brand is half the cost of Similac which this Dutch mama loves. :) And she actually seems to spit up less on the Kirkland so double bonus! Anna also sat in her Bumbo seat for the first time this week:
As you can see she is a fan
Her other big thing of the week is she rolled over from back to front! Of course the first time she did it was when I wasn't home and Steve was in the other room getting the twins lunch. He walked back in the living room to find her on her stomach (and turned 180 degrees). After dinner that day he went to put her down in her playmat on the floor and again, she rolled over, this time he saw her, of course I did not. Since then I'd say I've been by her a total of 30 minutes with a camera all ready to go and would that stinker roll over for Mommy, no. :) So I've yet to see her roll over and the last time she did she did not like being on her tummy, so I'm thinking it will be a while before she tries again, but we'll see (or someone will see, probably not me :)). Other than that she continues to be our happy talking girl. Although she did make it through both services in church this past Sunday so that was nice. She now usually goes to sleep with one arm already out of her swaddle and by the time she wakes up the other arm is usually out too, so I'm thinking it wouldn't be too much longer that she's swaddled, especially if she can roll over. And no more hanging out on her changing pad :). Anna continues to love her Daddy, she gets especially happy when she can see him and tonight after dinner Steve was holding her and I said "Anna do you love your Daddy" and she just cuddled up to him, it was so cute. She also is a big fan of her brothers. I got this video this morning:


All cute and comfy for church
She continues to not want to be held when she's fed, but at least she'll cuddle with me afterwards (and when she's sleeping :))
Steve's cousin made Anna these adorable headband and hair clip holders. So nice to have them all organized and easily accessible

Breakfast time for the boys! Can I just say I love having them able to sit at the counter! So easy to get them their food

Think he's a fan of Anna? :)

Watching her brothers eat breakfast from her Bumbo. I'm not sure who was more intrigued, Anna or the boys :)
All cute to go the mall and the library. A lady from church called me and asked if me and the kids needed to get out of the house to which I quickly responded "Yes!" (the weather has not been nice this week so we have been inside most of the time), so we went to the mall to get Micah new pajamas and I scored big time at The Children's Place with their $1.99 rack!! and then we went to the library that has a great play area in their children's area.

Building with wood blocks at the library (I have no idea why Micah felt the need to be a hoodlum and keep his hood on the whole time :))

Checking out Lizzy the Gecko

Facetiming with Grandma, always entertaining :)

Micah had his kindergarten screening yesterday and afterwards he and I had a lunch date at McDonalds (his choice :)). He did such a great job at school! He's pretty excited to get to go to school which is so fun to see.

My silly big boy :)

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