Monday, July 4, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 23 Weeks- 7.3.16



Our sweet Anna! She is just getting to be so fun! She is overall a very happy baby. She definitely has her moments of trying my patience, like when she is so tired but doesn't want to sleep or eat. But overall she is doing great! Moves around like crazy with rolling and spinning around on her tummy. She's a happy girl and we love her to pieces!!
The boys were pretty excited when we told them we could go to IHOP for dinner last Saturday, they are big fans of pancakes for dinner!

She didn't get to eat any pancakes but she was still happy

We had to go to Lowes afterwards which they boys didn't complain about

Our neighbor let us borrow their Johnny Jump up, Anna is a fan

Some serious soccer going on

It's been pretty hot so I thought I'd let Anna try her sippy cup to stay hydrated. She more enjoyed just chewing on it :)

He is just the messiest PB&J eater!

She loves playing in her exersaucer on the patio

Playing in the neighbors backyard in their cool pool

They were pretty excited that they all got shopping carts

Shooting off their "helicopters" they got in California from Grandpa
Play Doh on the patio, so much better than on my kitchen table :) 
More pool time, this time in our backyard

We were on a hunt for Daddy's birthday present and the store had popcorn!

Races in the parking lot

Anna helping Daddy play Uno (on that note we should have counted how many games of Uno we have played with Micah this week, it has to be a very high number, he is a very big fan of the game)

After searching a bit and recruiting help from people in the church we were successful in finding Steve's birthday present, a fit pit to put in our backyard!! (Don't worry, he already knows even though his birthday isn't until Thursday, we needed his help getting all the stones out of the truck so I had to tell him :))

The boys just love riding their bikes!

We had a bit of a catastrophe, Micah shot his "helicopter" onto the roof of the church. It is no longer on the roof but we didn't find it on the ground so we are thinking it is stuck in the rain gutter. Thankfully Grandpa had bought a lot of them and Grandma sent some more in the mail, crisis averted :) They were very excited to get their new "helicopters"

I was trying to make it to bedtime without Anna taking an evening nap. I failed, and her 10 minute nap kept her up about an hour past her usual bedtime! Next time I will try harder to not have her sleep :)

The mall has this floor stomping game, right up the boys alley

Anna just hung out in her stroller

Checking out the lawn mowers at Sears

Who says vans aren't awesome?! We fit all 6 of us plus a 7 cubic foot chest freezer!! Love my mini-van!!!

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