Monday, July 18, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 25 Weeks- 7.17.16


Anna had another good week. Her big accomplishment this week:
She can sit on her own! She can't get into the sitting position on her own, but she can sit for a long time all on her own. Unfortunately now that she has tasted what it's like to sit up, she gets very mad when she can't get herself in that position. :) I also think she might be getting close to getting a tooth. She's started not really wanting to drink her bottle, just wants to chew on the nipple and she's drooling like crazy, and then last night, for the first time since she started sleeping through the night she woke up in the middle of the night crying and didn't go back to sleep. :( I hope this doesn't become a habit, I've gotten accustom to sleep :). So we'll see how long it takes for them to actually come in, if she's like her brothers, particularly Micah, it will still be a couple months. :) Otherwise she continues to be our happy girl!

Showing off her cute outfit from my aunt.

Can I just say I love tutus!! She loves to stand...

She does not love wearing shoes :)

David wanted to hold Anna (who is a wiggle worm!) so I had him hold her on my lap :)

She handles her brothers so well

Of course then Jonathan needed to hold her too

David doing the obstacle course on the Wii Fit game

We checked out a new park this past week.

The boys were fans of all the things to climb on and jump off

We got to take a friend along with us who showed the boys lots of things to climb on :)

Anna mostly chilled in the stroller

They love merry-go-rounds

Their friend was not impressed with Micah's spinning of the merry-go-round :)

She eventually got sick of sitting in the stroller so we hung out together, no complaints here

Having a picnic

Dressed all cute to go to a dinner at church

As she was learning how to sit on her own I found it helpful to just have her sit in a laundry basket :)

I had to ship my keyboard to Missouri for the RYS convention coming up but first I had to make sure it still worked since I haven't had it out since last year's convention. :) The boys were big fans of "helping" me test it out

I'm thinking our church janitor is not so excited they decided to put little rocks in given the fact that there are 2 families with little kids living by the church. :) Here they were "changing the color of the rocks" by sticking them in the big puddle and then racing to see who could get the most on the wall. I thought they looked like they were working at Subway. :) We did make them try to put as many back as they could

Micah and our neighbor swimming in her grandma's pool. And this water was freezing!! But they didn't mind. I think they liked getting to be in the pool without their younger siblings.
Steve's grandma got the kids these singing bears and I've been meaning to take a picture of them to send her and finally got around to it. Of course it took quite a few tries to get them all to look and most to smile

Best we could do :)

I took the kids strawberry picking one morning. They had a ball!

Anna just hung out in her car seat but she didn't mind :)

They were pretty proud of their picks!

Taste testing some dairy drink at Costco made from California milk!! We had to send Grandpa a picture

Micah using the Tupperware container his strawberries were in as a drum in the van, he really got into it :).
Friday Steve got to golf in a tournament which made Micah sad because he didn't get to go, so I decided to do something fun and we got our tent out and put it up in the backyard. Here are the boys with their neighbor friend "sleeping" in the tent.

Anna even got to hang out in the tent for a while

It got a little warm in there so we went on the porch and played Uno

I got to do a first Friday night, I went to my first rodeo! It was really fun!

The rodeo clown, he thought he was funnier than I did :)
They had a kids boot race which was hilarious to watch

Steve had a busy/rough week, we had two deaths in our church so two funerals this past week, so it was nice to be able to get away just the two of us and do something fun!

Yesterday we finally put together the firepit I got Steve for his birthday. The boys didn't understand why we couldn't immediately have a fire :) Looking forward to many fires in the future!
She loves being able to sit up at her piano now

This is where I found Jonathan sleeping yesterday for his nap, under his bed :) Why did we even get them beds?!

Anna and our neighbor boy (who was born 10 days after her) hanging out at our block party

We went to someone from church's house for lunch today and the boys loved getting to play with all the other kids their age! They were a muddy mess by the time we left, but they had a blast!

Looking all cute in her Sunday dress!

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