Sunday, July 10, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 24 Weeks- 7.10.16

David wanted me to take a picture of the both of them, Anna didn't seem to care :)
Nothing much new this week. Anna is starting to wear 9 month clothes. She also primarily sleeps on either her side or her stomach. I try to roll her back on her back and she instantly goes back to her side. :) Otherwise she continues to eat and sleep well. She has developed quite the screech which we are not enjoying so much, she is definitely the girl in the house. :) She is also quite on the move just with rolling.  
Our little Montana boy David

All cleaned and ready for church

A girl from church gave me a bunch of shoes for Anna and I forgot to put some one her Sunday morning for church, but I remembered at night. She wasn't such a fan of them but her mommy sure thought they were cute :)

Happy 4th of July!
Anna got to come with me to the grocery store first thing that morning.

We went to a community picnic for lunch. The boys saw a rope and decided they needed to straddle it :)

They had games for the kids. Here the twins are lining up for the 3 year old race.

And they're off! David is the one in green in the lead there. Unfortunately he decided to slow down and look back at his brother which gave his brother the opportunity to pass him up and win the race.

Jonathan with his prize, bubbles

David looks okay here, but as soon as I took the picture he started crying because he wanted to win the race (I think he really wanted the bubbles :))

Micah lining up for his race

He didn't win either :)
It was a fun time, we love being a part of this community!
We made homemade ice cream (my family's 4th of July tradition)

It was pretty yummy (and cold :))

Getting to eat lunch at Costco. I guess David didn't want to get his hands dirty :)
Or he just thinks he's a dog, I don't know :)

He obviously doesn't care if he gets dirty :)  

The twins like to play with Anna's toys :) That's David in her floor mat and not long after I took this picture Jonathan ended up in her Bumbo

Anna saying "Hi!" :)

Steve' birthday was Thursday and our neighbor Bill's birthday was Tuesday, so Wednesday night we had dinner with our neighbors to celebrate them both

The kids eating their cake. It's so nice that they all get along so well!
Anna just got to watch us eat the cake. She doesn't know yet what she's missing :)

Singing to Daddy the next day on his actual birthday

They thought he needed help blowing out the candles

I asked Steve what he wanted to do on his birthday and he chose go hiking. Our goal was to make it up to that M.

At the bottom

We didn't make it all the way to the M. It was about 1.5 miles, I think we made it probably 1 mile and the boys were complaining that they were tired and I had no desire to have to carry one down, so we stopped and turned around.

But it was still quite a view

Anna fell asleep on the way down. :)

After our hike we went to Famous Dave's for a birthday dinner

The boys also decided they needed to help Daddy eat his free sundae :)

Anna prefers eating books to reading them right now

David said to me "Mommy, look! I'm sitting on our house" :)

Again, they like to play with Anna's things, this time the bath seat that was in her closet

Running through the sprinklers with the neighbors

It started to rain so the boys decided they wanted to go outside with their umbrellas. By the time they got their shoes on and I found the umbrellas it had stopped raining. :) But they still went outside with their umbrellas

Helping mommy make an Almond Tart for Daddy for his birthday 
This girl loves to stand

They wanted to play in the sandbox, Mommy was too lazy to put sunscreen on, so we put the umbrella up instead. :)

I put Anna down on her floor mat, I went downstairs to put a video on for the boys, came back upstairs and found her here. Yeah, she gets around :)

She no longer has to be swaddled to drink her bottle so she usually ends up raising her hand :)

It was cooler today so I put boots on her for church, she was not a fan, but Mommy was :)

This is me with my last Diet Coke for a few weeks. I'm starting a 21 day challenge tomorrow through TerraFit (the same challenge I did before I was pregnant with Anna, just a 21 day one instead of 12 week) and Diet Coke is not allowed. :( Here we go!!

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