Saturday, October 1, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 36 weeks- 10.1.16

Anna had a very good week. She continues to sleep well and naps well for the most part (as long as her brother don't make a lot of noise right outside her door). She is starting to eat table food and does a pretty good job of feeding herself which is nice. It keeps her entertained while we eat our dinner :). She had quite a few firsts this week which I'll talk about with the pictures. She continues to be our sweetie who just is all over the place :).

The boys were pretty excited to get to help me make apple crisp (this is Jonathan)

David got smart and got a chair :)

Anna just watched us

All ready for church. Can you tell it's naptime and she's not sleeping :)

Monday was a beautiful day so we decided to try a new hike.

These two were pretty excited that we got to go over a couple of bridges

This hike ended at a beautiful waterfall!! The boys were pretty excited about that as well

Anna thought it was a great hike, especially since she got to just ride along with Daddy

So ever since we went to KinderGym last week I feel like David has let me into his world a little bit. Him and Jonathan really live in their own world and it's kind of hard to break into it. I don't get to spend a lot of one on one time with them but at KinderGym they get my full attention for an hour and a half. And since then David comes and sits on my lap a lot and then on our hike he wanted to hold my hand while we were walking! So sweet! He may be a big stinker, but he's also a big sweetie!

We brought a lunch along and found a picnic table off the parking lot a little ways. We sat down and realized there were deer not far away (there's one right in the middle of this picture)

Not a bad view for lunch

Anna got to hang out and eat lunch in her stroller

We have good friends whose last name is Olson, so we sent them this picture and said they needed to come visit their spot :). Since she just had their fourth child this past week I'm thinking it will be a while before they can head this way :)

"Hanging out" at the playground :)

Micah and his best buddy

After their rest time where they didn't sleep they came upstairs and "napped" :) Jonathan choice of a place to nap is my favorite

Playing downstairs. The couch was a fire truck and we all needed to be on it :)

It's potato harvest time over here so we went to the field of someone from our church and watched them harvest potatoes. It's quite a process. And sooooooo many potatoes!!

Anna was quite impressed

Micah found a potato that looked a little bit like a duck :)

Who needs those fancy tractors and truck when you have the Bussis boys to dig :)

Back at KinderGym this week. They actually sat and somewhat listened to the Bible story this week :)

Can you tell Jonathan is our competitive twin? I love his look of determination in this picture

And then there's David :)

They love getting to run under the parachute

Singing with their buddy (This was the "Amen" part of "If You're Happy and You Know It")

Anna got to have her first taste of Costco frozen yogurt. She was definitely a fan. Didn't even flinch with it being cold

When we got home from Costco the twins wanted to play outside. They played in the backyard so nice for about 45 minutes. I went to check on them and found them just sitting right next to each other at the picnic table. It really is cute how good of friends they are

She still loves the swing!

The neighbor girls running circles around them :) At one point Iris was trying to get the twins to play a game but they were just not paying a lick of attention to her instructions :)

Playing some golf in the front yard. Notice the twins thinking they need to hit the ball off the dirt pile :)

Playing some Connect4

Another first for Anna, her first wagon ride. She thought it was pretty fun

Of course then her brothers thought they needed to pull her, it was a little wilder of a ride but she didn't mind

More first, she's started eating some regular food. She loves cheese sticks, she can almost eat a whole stick for lunch. She also ate turkey and mashed potatoes one night. She was not a fan of pasta however.

She splashes, a lot, so I now give her a bath in her bathtub in the big bathtub. She thinks it's pretty fun

On a buddy walk for a girl from church.

Anna got to just ride in the stroller.

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