Sunday, October 9, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 37 Weeks- 10/9/16


I'm loving the pigtail :). Anna had a good week again. She is eating her bottle soooo much better! I've only had to feed her while sleeping once I think! One night she even decided she wanted to feed herself the rest of her bottle. :) No new teeth although she did wake up in the middle of the night a couple nights ago which is very uncharacteristic of her and she just would not go back to sleep with me rocking her so I finally had to just let her cry herself back to sleep, so I'm thinking maybe she'll have another tooth soon? We shall see. Thankfully it was only one night. She has developed quite a screech when she is not happy, usually when she's in her high chair not getting fed fast enough. It makes meal times slightly less enjoyable :). We're hoping she grows out of it soon. 

We've had quite a bit of rain lately (not good for all our potato farming friends), but it has produced some very pretty rainbows. This one went over the church.

Last Sunday we went to a lunch for a baptism for someone from church and the boys were pretty excited when we got to the house and there was this huge dirt/rock pile. They of course had to all climb to the top :)

My "helpers" at the grocery store. It's how I keep them happy. And it's how everyone else in the store gets entertained :)

They of course have to put their groceries on the conveyor belt

I just had to share this. I was the top individual for week 6 of my challenge!! I don't know how many people are in the challenge but there's over 30 teams and each team has 3-5 people on it, so not just a few :).

First pigtail!

Playing at the neighbors house and he found a batman mask. He has no idea who batman is but he was pretty excited to wear the mask :)

Eating lunch at the mall. Speaking of being at the mall, so after they finished eating I took them to the restroom. They were washing their hands and I was standing right there by them and a lady walked into the restroom, looked at them and said "boys in the women's restroom, Oh no!" I just looked at her like "are you serious?!" and sadly she was really annoyed! I thought to myself "man, she'd really be disgusted if Micah wasn't in school because he would have been in there too" I just couldn't believe it, she really expects me to have my almost 4 year olds go in the men's restroom in the mall all by themselves!! Really!! I DON'T THINK SO!!! The funny thing was David kept saying "Mommy, why did she say 'Oh no'"? :) Finally as we were walking out but the door was still open I said "I guess she thought you should go in the men's room" Okay, venting done :)

Anna got to eat a breadstick at the mall too!

We went to Costco after lunch and the boys were pretty excited that they had one of those ridiculously huge (and expensive) teddy bears on a cart so they could give it a big hug

Micah had his first field trip on Thursday and I got to go on it with him (thanks to my awesome neighbor who watched my three youngest along with her 3 young kids, she's awesome!!!)

His field trip was to a local corn maze. I was very thankful they had the wrong choices roped off so you couldn't get lost (I've gotten lost in a corn maze before, not fun at all!!).

Fun on the big bales of hay

Micah's class with his teacher

They had a playground with a trampoline to play on

Making some apple cider

"Helping" Daddy play euchre on the iPad. 

She's a big fan of crackers with peanut butter. I'm not sure if she likes the taste or just likes the mess it makes :)

It was a very busy week with lots of rushed mornings, so I was very thankful for Friday where we didn't have anything and I could just let Anna sleep on me for a while for her morning nap.

Micah wanted to get the mail and didn't feel like getting his own shoes on, so he wore Steve's shoes, he looked ridiculous trying to walk in them :)
Our neighbor gave me a bunch of clothes for Anna and in them were these adorable overalls. So cute!!

So Friday afternoon David had had enough of Micah telling him how to play (I think he and Jonathan really enjoy the days Micah has school :)). He was getting really crabby about it all so I said he should just go take a little nap. I guess he heard me say take a bath because I told him to go to the bathroom first, so he did and then I heard him turn on the bath water. I went over to the bathroom and asked what he was doing and he said taking a bath. I was going to tell him no and then decide, what did it hurt? He played in there an hour!! That water must have been freezing by then, but he just had so much fun playing by himself with no one telling him what to do. :) But he was pretty wrinkly by the time he got out. :)

We went to the varsity volleyball game Friday night and told the boys if they were good they could get some ice cream afterwards. They were lucky that the game went pretty quick so they didn't have a ton of time to get into trouble :) So they all got to share a chocolate malt.

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