Monday, October 17, 2016

Jonathan & David turn 4!!!

Jonathan and David are 4!! Last night when I went into their room David said "Mommy, tomorrow when I wake up I'll be 4!!" :) It's hard to believe that it's been four years since our journey with these crazy boys began. But we just can't imagine life without them or even with them not being twins! They have caused me to grow so much as a mom, they have humbled me time and time again, making me eat my words of bad things I said about other parents and how they can't control their kids :). But they also make life oh so fun with never a dull moment. So happy birthday boys, we love you to pieces!!

Jonathan is our emotional child. When he gets upset, he gets UPSET! And he has a hard time calming himself down. He will say "I just can't stop crying." He's also very particular about how things should be and gets quite upset when they don't go as he thinks they should. But he's also the kid that will just randomly say "I love you Mommy!" He's very competitive and I would say he more than David tries to be like Micah. But then he gets sick of Micah telling him what to do. Yesterday morning I got them up and he asked if they could play with their new tool bench in their room. I told him yes and he said "but Micah's not going to come play in here, right?" :) He also very much loves his little sister, often wanting to give her a hug and most times when he's upset he wants to give her a hug to make him feel better. He's still our big talker, we like to call him a jabberbox :). And it's starting to be more about what is actually going on in life, not just what he saw on TV :). We love you Jonathan!!

 David is our stinker (as you might have notice from his pictures, his eyes give him away :)). He's not quite as naughty as he used to be, but he still can push us. He loves to play with his brothers but he also gets to the point where he just wants to be on his own. Like last week, he just played in the bath for an hour so he could be away from his brothers. He's quieter than Jonathan, but he can get in moods too where he just talks nonstop. I would say he my most tenderhearted child. He's the one who will come sit on my lap or come give me a hug or kiss. But then his stinker side comes out and I'll kiss him on the cheek and he'll wipe it off, all with a big grin on his face. :) He's not super competitive, but he is our most daring child. When we were at my parents he would just jump right in the pool, no fear. Which means he keeps us on our toes because he's not scared to jump off a rock or do something that he probably shouldn't do. He also very much loves Anna, but he shows it by taking her toys away from her :). We love you David!!

When I was pregnant with these two I read a book about multiples and it said that identical twins are two people who look alike but are nothing alike yet are best friends. And I think that describes my twins. They really are very different, even their voices are very different, but they are just best friends. Yesterday Steve told Jonathan he couldn't bring something upstairs and Jonathan said "but I want to play up here with my Best Brother David" :). Thankfully Micah doesn't take it personally, at least not yet. But these two really do play so well together (especially on the days Micah is at school). Sometimes I feel like they live in their own little world and it's hard to break into that world, but it really is a special bond they have.

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