Saturday, October 15, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 38 Weeks- 10.15.2016

 I finally remembered to weigh Anna today, she was 22.3 pounds. She's had a fairly good week. She must be teething, she hasn't wanted to eat table foods or drink her bottle very well (we've had to do a lot of sleep drinking this week) and she has been blowing out of her diapers! Hopefully the tooth will pop through soon! But thankfully she's still sleeping fine at night. She had a new one this week, she started walking behind her standing toy (it's not actually meant to be walked behind, but on the wood floor it does :)). I have a really cute video of it but for some reason my blog is not letting my post videos, very annoying. She still can't stand on her own, she doesn't have that great of balance, so I think we're still a ways away from walking, at least I'm hoping :).

Anna woke up with some crazy hair one day (she likes to sleep tucked way into the corner of her bed :))

Micah saw me take a picture of Anna and thought I needed to then take a picture of him :)

I took the boys pictures Sunday afternoon. As you can see they were more interested in throwing rocks in the water than smiling for Mommy :)

David loves Anna, but he's not so sure about her ability to come play with him now :)

Back at Kohl's trying on hats :)

Playing in the leaves

Jonathan's got quite the hops

Silly girl would not go to sleep!!! This was at about 9:15

Finally conked out

So now she would eat, silly girl!!

The day after playing in leaves we woke up to this!!

Yeah, that's about how I feel about the snow too :)

So this day they played in snow

She's thinks she's big stuff

She's like the puppy begging for food :) And it works with David :)

Had to go to Bed Bath and Beyond, it's very hard to get through that store with these two, they have to check out EVERYTHING!! :)

She thinks Micah's school papers make a great snack

I'm selling out triple stroller, kinds of a weird feeling. I used this stroller A LOT!! It was a life saver! But we no longer need it so it's time for it to got to another family to be of good use

Steve had his first Classis meeting here and it was overnight, so we had pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream for dinner :)

And then we watched a movie and ate popcorn

Well some of us did, Anna just climbed on Mommy

While Steve was gone to Classis I took on the project of painting our small bathroom off the laundry room. I really should have taken a before picture, the walls were all off white, it looks so different now!

And I bought and put together an over the toilet cabinet so that when our guests come, they actually have a place to put their bathroom stuff :)

The next day, since Steve was still gone, I decided to take the kids to McDonalds for lunch. A friend had told me about the McDonalds app and it had buy one get one free Happy Meals on it so they actually got to get them (usually they only get them if they've gotten a gift card or if Grandpa and Grandma take them :))

Anna did not get one however :)

But she did get to play in the toddler area

The boys had so much fun on the slide

Don't worry, Anna didn't actually go down with them, just joined in for the picture

I meant to take a shower while Anna was napping yesterday, but the power went out (and we have well water so no power, no water), so she had to hang out in her exercauser while I showered once the power came back on and she was awesome!! So nice when she's happy :)

Enjoying the morning outside

Steve's parents got the twins this play tool bench for their birthdays, they were pretty excited when Steve put it together after lunch today!

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