Saturday, November 5, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 41 Weeks- 11.5.16

So this silly girl popped a tooth this past week. Not exactly sure when it happened, I just noticed yesterday that there was something sticking out of her top gums and sure enough, there was a tooth!! And it's not the front tooth, it's the side one :). She's going to look a little funny until those middle teeth come in. It looks like the side tooth on the other side is ready to come through as well. No wonder she was a little crabby last week and didn't want to eat table food. Thankfully she's back to eating and sleeping normal. Yesterday for lunch she even ate almost an entire piece of raisin bread! She loved it. She also really likes crackers, cheese and potatoes. She continues to love to stand up next to things and walk along side them. She is constantly trying to get the remote controls :). And unfortunately she's getting taller so she is able to reach more things. She can now reach up to the third shelf in the pantry which means she can now get the vitamins :) Thankfully they have child proof lids on them. :) And she's really starting to "talk." She calls Steve "Da" which is totally cute! She only says "mama" when she's upset, but she says "Da" when she just sees Steve. :) She also says her own version of "Hi." She's just too cute! :)

Me and my cutie all ready for church

All ready to go trick or treating at the retirement home with our two construction workers, a cowboy and a little strawberry

Getting their candy

Micah with his friends

Anna didn't get any candy (not that the older people didn't try to give her some :)) but she still had a great time

Getting their faces painted

Micah woke up Tuesday morning not feeling well (and it wasn't from eating so much candy the night before :), he actually didn't at any candy that night), so Tuesday was a stay in your pajamas and rest while watching tv kind of day.

They got bubbles too on Monday night so we of course had to go outside and blow them

You may have noticed that the bubble bottle wasn't that big, so they pretty quickly were done with that. David said "Mommy, what do we do now?" So I said, "run around in circles" and that's what they did :)

I have daily challenges to do every day for my 12 week challenge I'm doing and one day this week it was to work out with a buddy. I worked out with two buddies, David and Jonathan :). They were doing kickboxing with me (although it didn't last that long)

We finally got to go to KinderGym again this week. The boys loved being able to go again and get out a lot of energy!

I love that they still want to sing on my lap during the singing time!

Anna is well taken care of while I go around with David and Jonathan

One very exciting thing this week- we got a new oven!! This one is gas and has a convection oven so now my cakes and cupcakes will turn out perfect!!! This baker is incredibly excited about this!!

Anna loves playing in the twins' room while they're upstairs and can't stop her :)

We had to try out our new oven, so we made some cookies

Thankfully Steve volunteered to take Anna with him on a bike ride so she wouldn't get in our way, a win-win situation.

The result, awesome cookies that I got to cook 3 pans at a time!! Did I mention how excited I am about my new oven?!?

We went to The Headwaters this morning to take some family pictures. Our neighbors came with us so they could take the pictures and we could have a picnic lunch. It was lots of fun although a little stressful for us parents as our kids kept wanting to get close to the edge to throw rocks in the water. :) But we are greatly enjoying this awesome weather we're having!

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