Saturday, January 7, 2017

Anna's Weekly Update~ 50 Weeks~ 1-7-2017

Again, I think she pays attention when we're watching Wheel of Fortune :)
 Anna continues to just have the cutest personality. I can't believe we are already at 50 weeks!! I decided to take away a bottle this week. My pediatrician in Michigan always pushed getting rid of the bottle at 12 months and I'm quite ready to be done with bottles, so I thought we should start weaning her off. So a couple days ago I skipped her midmorning bottle. That same day she decided she was over her pre-nap bottle. So in one day she went from 5 bottles a day to 3. I had tried giving her milk in a sippy cup but she wasn't the biggest fan. Micah never really liked sippy cups either, he preferred cups with a straw, so I had one in the cupboard and tried milk in it for Anna, and she loved it! So I don't think it will be too hard to transition out of formula and bottles. The only down side is when she drinks a bottle is about the only time Anna will sit on my lap, so I will greatly miss that. She's also taken a couple of steps this week!
Here she is standing on her own...

And taking a step! (I couldn't switch it over to video fast enough :))
Last night she took about 4 steps in a row! And then she dropped to her knees and crawled the rest of the way and completely ignored David and I while we cheered for her :). She is a silly girl. So we will see what this week brings.

Last Saturday Steve took the boys sledding by Micah's school. As soon as they left Anna woke up from her nap, so I decided it should be a family affair. She wasn't so sure about all that "stuff" she had to wear.
Micah wanted Anna to sled with him

David could just go up and down all day

I even took a few rides with the kids

And then of course there were races

Jonathan preferred to ride with Steve than himself

We had waffles with strawberries and whip cream for New Years Day

David loves Pop the Pig!

Some serious Uno playing going on

Anna even gets the concept of Pop the Pig

"Drinking" her baby's bottle

It's been very cold over here

She loves playing with her brothers

And then tackling them! :) She learned from the best of them

Walmart is so much easier to get through with this cart!

Jonathan thought it was bright in Costco I guess :)
Anna's "all done" when she is done eating :)

David and Jonathan leave their pajamas around all the time and Anna loves to use their pants as a cape

Anna drinking out of her cup (I'm pretty sure it was my nephew Caleb's cup, we found it in our van and it wasn't one of our boys :))

Friday morning some of Micah's friends came over to play for his birthday and have cupcakes.
Last night we went to Fuddruckers for Micah's birthday. The boys loved playing the arcade games

Anna just hung out in the stroller

Micah got to open one of his birthday presents from Steve's parents this morning, a Legos airplane. I'm not sure who was more excited about it, Micah or Steve :)

All done!

Micah wanted to help me decorate his cake for tonight

All done!

Micah got this hat and scarf from Miss Barb back in Michigan. He was pretty excited because he had asked her to make it for him before we moved and she remembered!
We're looking forward to a weekend of celebrating this great kid!!

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