Monday, January 16, 2017

Anna's Weekly Update- 51 Weeks ~ 1.15.17

I can't believe this precious little girl turns 1 next week!! Oh she brings such joy to our family! I mean seriously, look at that face, how could that not bring a smile to your face? :) She's doing really well with her bottles being cut out. She is now down to just one (as of today), her last bottle before bed at night. I bought one more can of formula today, here's hoping it's the last one!! Still no interest in walking. Still no new teeth. She continues to be a good table food eater, this week she got to try broccoli, smoothies, a cookie and pudding for the first time, she was fans of all of them. I have some baby food still in my cupboards that I'll give her, but I don't think I'll buy any new stuff. She also just takes one nap now (unless she falls asleep in the car while we're running errands). She's just growing up! 
Last Saturday we had a little birthday party for Micah. Our neighbors were suppose to come over but they ended up with sick kids, so it was just our family. Micah got to pick the menu (Mac N Cheese and Taquitos :)) and then he got to open some presents from us and Steve's parents

We gave him a basketball game for his room that can also turn into a football/baseball/soccer game

He picked a car cake.

On Sunday (his actual birthday) we were invited for lunch at the home of members of our congregation. It was their daughter's birthday that day too and they were so sweet to include Micah in on the celebration and got a cake for both of them.

Our church family makes us feel so loved!

After lunch the boys go to ride their little snowmobile. Micah even got to drive it all by himself! (He told us on the way home that it was the best birthday! Almost made me cry as I was feeling bad that he didn't have any family around to help celebrate his birthday, but God still blessed him with the best day!)

The twins got to ride along with one of the girls. They also got to go sledding on a big hill (but Mommy didn't want to go out in the cold and I couldn't see the hill from a window, hence no pictures of it :))

Anna makes it very hard to read to the boys. She constantly wants to be included, but then immediately wants down, or hits the book, or screams :)

Micah with his birthday crown from school

She is such a STINKER!!

And not sorry at all! I finally got some locks for this cupboard and another one like it (they hold all my baking stuff and she was constantly getting it all out, getting cornstarch all over the place, trying to drink the vinegar bottles, etc.). Oh was she mad when she discovered she could no longer get in those cupboards :)

Micah got this fun gift from my sister. Steve and I were pretty excited about it too :)

Okay, just to show you how big Montana potatoes are, this big bowl of mashed potatoes is 3 potatoes!! It lasted us 2 meals!!

Micah was pretty excited about this spider hot wheels car he got for his birthday

He got this craft from Steve's parents. If you're looking for a cool gift for a young kid, these are so cool! It's stickers you put on it to make the picture and it looks so cool in the window! It's by Melissa and Doug

Trying out a juice box, she was a fan (an notice the hair :))

She was quiet so I went to check on her and found her in the footrest (got there herself). Unfortunately she hasn't figured out how to get herself out of the footrest so that cute face quickly turns into a frown and a cry when she's stuck :)

And again, the hair! She loves these apple sauces, they are so handy!

Doing weights with Mommy :)

Steve went to a conference in California this weekend (I know, can you believe he went to California without us?!). After we dropped him off at the airport we had to stop at the store and then I had to decide if I felt like going home and making us all lunch or just stopping at the sandwich shop owned by a member of our church... we stopped for lunch :). It was so fun, the twins talked nonstop the whole time (and it's a small space so everyone got to hear our conversation :)).

Anna enjoyed it as well. We discovered she's a fan of pickles, she ate the whole thing!

I received my winnings for my last TERRAFit challenge and I used some of it to get new bedding for our bedroom. I love it!! Of course now I want to paint the walls to match a little better :)

Again, such a STINKER!!

I also got a duvet cover to put over my old bedspread to go in the office, which inspired me to have the office painted (I'm a horrible painter so thankfully there's a lady from church willing to paint and I in turn do some baking for her :)). So here is the before
And after (I love it!!)


The office/guest room is now my favorite place in the house!!
This little girl loves her doll house, it's so cute!

The boys thought it was pretty fun having the office chair in the kitchen while the office was being painted. I can't believe they never ran over anyone's toes!

David said "Mom look, I'm a turtle!" :)

Saturday night I took the kids to Pizza Hut for dinner (Micah had a certificate for a free personal pizza for reading 20 minutes a day/5 days a week for a month, really at this age Mom and Dad deserve a certificate too since they have to do all the reading :)). The Pizza Hut was really just a take out restaurant with a few tables in it you could sit and eat at, so there was no high chair, so Anna got to stand in the corner of the bench next to Mommy :). She actually did really well.

She decided chocolate milk sounded better than her white milk :)

Micah with his pizza, he was very proud of it

We discovered she's a big fan of these little smoothies. I don't know if she likes it so much or if she just likes drinking out of the big straw. :)

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