Monday, January 9, 2017

Micah turns 6!

My sweet Micah turned 6 years old yesterday!! It's hard to believe that 6 years ago I became a mom! And life just hasn't been the same since :). Which is a good thing, I love being a mom! Being my only child, Micah was my little bud who went everywhere with me, he was my whole world and it was fun. He doesn't seem to mind that his brothers came along and now his sister, probably because he was not even 2 when the twins were born so he doesn't remember it being just him and me. :) He has grown into a sweet, kind young man who is very concerned that rules be followed (wonder where he gets that from :)), who loves to color, build things with his Legos and play games. He love playing outside, either riding his bike or with sports things in the summer or sledding or playing in the snow in the winter. He also loves to do whatever his Dad is doing which I think is so cute. He loves school, Little Lambs, Sunday School, anything were he gets to play with other kids. He got to fill out this poster for school today:  
Notice that besides all his classmates all his friends are girls :). Also, not sure you can read what is says behind My Pets, it says- Mom says we have 4 kids so we don't need pets! :) He was pretty excited too because he got to bring his favorite book to school and it's one that he can read to his classmates!
We are so thankful the Lord gave us Micah! We pray that he continues love to learn and that the faith he has now continues to grow and he comes to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior! What a precious gift to be given children to train up in the way they should go! We love you Micah!!!


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